Patricia Rips into Patterson

I’m thinking Patricia isn’t real fond of botched snaps

Patterson is good for one or two fumbles a game.

Shea is not going to be drafted. He is not good. So you get nothing, you lose, good day sir!

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Love it… Patterson had a really long leash at UofM, he needs to hear this IMO… Sounded like MP brought up “Pop Warner kids…” Right before the beep but then didn’t beep the rest? My guess is he said they can fucking handle a snap better or something like that.

One of the comments on Twitter was something about that person would love to see this on hard knocks… I’m starting to think I’d like to see it too lol.

Hey, since we all know Patricia is clueless on the defensive side of the ball, I’m sure folks will trust his assessment of the QB position. :rofl::joy:

Patterson has XFL written all over him.