Patricia’s defense give us Trevor Lawrence in 2021?

Our defense can’t stop anything last year means we will not win anything this year know . That means Lawrence is ours next year know . I can see every team improving except us . I think we will be a mess this year . Will Lawrence say no to Detroit ? Is that a possibility ?

Rumor has it that Patricia’s defense was put in place by the Texans to stop KC in their playoff game, so you may be onto something here.



Quinn might draft that offensive line man ,3 rd overall because he look like him. Patricia preventive defense for Staffords practice will bail out the opponent offense , then how we will win ? Can you name one worst team than us in 2020 ?i think we should get Tom Brady’s trainer before him like giving job to students parents in college

Really. This guy was banned like 18 times from the site.


No way the Lions win 1 or 2 games next year. And that is what it would take to get the #1 overall pick. Although, who knows what next year will hold for both Lawrence or the Lions.

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I don’t know why the other 31 teams play the year after they don’t win the super bowl… Bc what happens last year means it’ll happen next year too :crazy_face:


If we are in a position to draft Lawrence, we deserve to have him refuse. Not that I wouldn’t like to have him, but there are only so many times we will draft number one overall.

Lol - it’s like mosquitos … no matter how many you swat down or that burn in the zapper… they just keep coming back! :heart:

Anymore I just use these posts for humor… sad, laughable humor


Lawrence is that generational player that 90% of the league covets. Congrats to the lucky bastards that nab him. And yes, all things concidered, I hope its us.

It’s better to hibernate this year

I agree brother! You should!!

Watch Rodgers get hurt game 1 and they go 2-14 and end up with Lawrence…another 15 years of losing to GB…

Worst nightmare ever

Looked pretty shitty in the big game the other day!

I’m not as high as the consensus on Lawrence and I don’t think it’s going to be a no brainer for him over Fields by the draft next year.

With all of that being said I don’t know if there are 10 NFL teams with more talent in it’s secondary as LSU trotted out Monday.

LSU really had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent

I wouldn’t put nothing past the Lions … lol

Seems like I’ve lived this nightmare before.

Maybe they draft Tua and let him heel behind Rogers a year or two.