Patricia talks to Alabama Edge Terrell Lewis

I like Lewis from a talent perspective but he seems like a riskier pick and we all know BQ doesn’t like risky picks.

Quinn doesn’t like risk in the first round

Lewis is a candidate for the top of round 2…where BQ is less risk averse

Should say I’m not a huge fan of Lewis. He’s body beautiful and bursting with athleticism but plays soft and has injury concerns.

Sounds like a brother of another mother–Ronnell Lewis. Let’s hope not.

This is a guy who has a game I think the Lions would love. He had an injury that cost him all of 2018 I believe. But he has a ton of talent though.

I like Curtis Weaver more but I also like Lewis a whole lot too. I would be very happy with either Curtis Weaver OR Lewis in rd. 2, ESP. with a 2nd rd. trade down.

To me there should be better players then both of them at top of 2nd, would be disappointed in either at the top 2nd.


Wow. There’s a name I haven’t thought about in forever.

The Hammer would have to be right up there on a list of players that forum posters constantly counted on stepping up and making a contribution who actually did nothing.

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On pure talent I think he’s the second or third best edge in this draft.


I’d agree with that, but I’d be unhappy if we drafted him any earlier than the 4th… This draft is just too deep to take a risk on a player with 2 major injuries in back to back years.

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Often finds himself taken by me in the 3rd round in mocks. Would give us some juice at JACK and allow Collins to play WILL. I like Alabama players because they’ve already played for a hard nosed dick. Eases the transition to Patricia and lowers the whine quotient.

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I admit, I was a fan. Loved his play at OU, just couldn’t make the leap.