This year is a steaming pile of turd. And despite of an early shine I think it was always going to be a steaming pile of turd

Does Patricia get one more year to turn this around? I don’t see a lot of progression here

My prediction - we will Fire the DC at the end of this year. Next year we will still be a five win team with calls for Patricia’s head. Quinn will fire MP to take the pressure off him.

We get a new coach who feels we can ‘win now’ and we draft another TE in the 1st round with Dropenson constantly dealing with concussion issues

I think BQ and MP will get another year. To me the issue lies somewhere in the coaching staff.

If the Titans (4-5 atm) fire Vrabel, maybe MP can bring him in as DC. Same with Bill O’Brien but they are 1st in their division. I’m actually happy with Bevell so… maybe TEs coach.

Bill O’Brien is in year 6:

2014: 9-7
2015: 9-7
2016: 9-7
2017: 4-12
2018: 11-5
2019: 6-3

MP will get one more year

I don’t believe in Patricia unless we lose out he should get another year

Honestly, if this happened, nobody should ever defend Martha again.

If you hire a non qualified, zero experience GM who takes it upon himself to hire a non-qualified, zero experience coach, then he doesn’t get to make another coaching hire. Especially when his drafts are very underwhelming, his free agent signings are idiotic and his trades are lackluster. He’s done nothing in 4 years to improve this roster.

When he was an inexperienced GM he had an experienced HC. When he hired an inexperienced HC, he was an experienced GM. Your point is moot, but I know you have an exe to grind against Martha for not being a football expert so bitch away.

Doing 2 years of damage doesn’t make him some experienced rich GM. You can keep defending this front office and I’ll keep showing you 60 years of failure.

When Quinn hired Patricia, he was still very green and still very in over his head. He wasn’t some veteran. He was still the kid trying to sit at the adult table. Fast forward 2 more years and he still doesn’t deserve to have an office at any NFL team facility.

I hate first time head coaches. I’m a retread guy. But, reality is reality. And I don’t care about what happened 60 years ago, but you are fixated on it. We can’t even make the exact same moves “good” teams make, because “well we were bad 15 years ago, so we can’t make that move today.” WTF kind of logic is that?

Because it does carry merit. If you have a franchise, let’s say McDonalds, and you are the perennially worst facility in the country, you have to make REAL changes. The Lions and their awful owner went fifty some years being the laughing stock of the league. He dies and the old lady takes over. She basically hires a high school drop out to manage her dilapidated McDonalds. That is NOT how you fix something like that.

In the past under Ford ownership, the Lions could have very easily hired Bill Parcells, but we didn’t want him. We could have hired Andy Reid, but we went cheap. We could still go after Kevin Colbert, but instead we asked another corpse Ernie Acorsi on how to hire a rookie GM with zero qualifications.

We are not the Steelers, Pats, Packers or Cowboys. We have a track record of making like ANY good decisions, so we don’t get the benefit of the doubt, since our ownership is clueless. Therefore, the rich old lady shouldn’t be constantly trying to get the most inexperienced, cheapest people to fix this epidemic. Go spend a couple freaking dollars and get someone with a track record of being at least decent.

I know, I know, it’s frowned upon to talk to someone thru back channels who is currently employed. Big F’ing deal. Do it anyway or you will never convince me that this ownership gives AF about winning.

What happened 60 years ago carries NO merit whatsoever.

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Yes it does. Same family owned the team. Same results. Same dumb hires. Same cheap moves. It’s all relative and the same. The culture, being cheap, not knowing how to do the first part of your job, accepting failure, rewarding failure. All of these things have been a constant for decades. Ownership doesn’t really care about winning, just making money.

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I mean I disagree but it’s exhausting talking about this stuff over and over. We all can agree that it sucks that the lions are 3-4-1 and not going to the playoffs. If they were to fire Patricia and Quinn (they better not) they would hire another “whoooooooo is that guy?!!??” And we start all over.

I have to agree with Wes on this one. Is MArtha repeating the same mistakes that her husband made? The answer is no. While you might not like the decisions that she made, she did not make these decisions in a vacuum like WCF use to do. SHe reached out for help from the NFL before making a decision to hire Quin. Whom, IMO has done a good job of adding talent to the team, his #1 job, according to what the HC tells him he is looking for. She has also spent money out of her pocket to help fix tension from the players by donating to causes of their choosing.

So she has done what other owners have done, bring in a GM that she felt has the ability to turn the franchise around, fired a GM that was not turning the Franchise around, and has for all observations kept her nose out of the business. So she has shown that she is willing to do things differently and change takes time. Whether or not Quin proves to have been the wrong choice, as you suggest, I am confident that if she agrees with you that she will take steps to fix the problem.

I’d give Patricia one more year to turn things around. If he goes -----so does Quinn. That’s a certainty.

Remember, Martha Ford sought the advice from the NFL career development advisory panel and hired Ernie Accorsi as a consultant to guide their search for a general manager. He chose Bob Quinn.

Martha Ford is certainly not to blame.

If we miss out on Schwartz because we want to give this loser a “fair” shot…
We should have taken Schwartz in the first place.

Watched the Patriots-Ravens game last night. Two teams that are clearly well-coached. They win far more often than not.
This is more of the same. Patricia is a defensive guru?! Please.

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What happened 60 years ago has no bearing on moves in 2019. You have literally said that the Lions can’t make certain moves that worked out well for other teams because of things that happened decades ago. It makes zero sense, which is what happens when you like to bitch for the sake of bitching and let your emotions formulate your arguments.


More like, “bitch for the sake of losing for 6 freakin decades”.
What concerns me is those who just take it at face value, year after year, thinking it’s normal and okay!

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Nah, you just made up most of that. I said over the past 60 years, the ownership has been the same family, who constantly hire inept people to run the team. If you have a CEO of a company that has no clue how to run a company and makes all bad decisions, why would you, Wesley, all of a sudden think they are going to make good decisions once they hit 100 years old? She’s been here all this time. She’s seen her cheap husband make nothing but bonehead decisions. Now, her first move and her first decision was to say “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’ll ask some 75 year old dinosaur what he thinks”. Then she does what her husband did far too often. Hired some nobody for cheap, who hired another nobody coach for cheap. It’s been a seamless transition in the fact that the moves are just as moronic and mindless as the ones made, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years ago. The ownership is still terrible and gullible folks like you thinking otherwise, is why she keeps raking in the cash and giving AF less about winning.

Patricia is an infant here in terms of coaching/head coaching I get ZERO inclination that Quinn has given Patricia sole control of anything. shit even Paul Pas is around dinking around with the defense, get his old ass out of here and make MP sole Defensive guy !! because largely I just think Patricia spends most the time with his mouth shut and nodding in agreement between Bevell & Quinn UNLESS it’s something too off base.I think MP is a HC in title only most the time and hasn’t been handed the complete job all to himself of anything. I think Patricia should have total control and say over the defense, and get rid of Pasquali however you spell it. THEN see if our defense is any better. right now it obviously is not working.

and THEN if the D STILL sucks there is VERY little question who is to blame.

I don’t blame MP “right now” because he has so little experience here AND it’s not like the defense is swarming with talent.