Patriots ... what now?

Is this the end of an era?
Is Brady going to the Washington Wizards


Everyone retires and the Pats sink into the basement and I, living it Patriots country, love every goddamn minute of it.


Give Kraft a new project. Sell the Pats, buy the Lions. Bob can even bring along his friends, if he wants.


Twenty years of excellence…if only the Lions could have had 1/20th of that.


We get to overpay for their players sooner now.


Brady will be back. NE signs a top wr to help him.


Bob Kraft doesn’t deserve another happy ending…


Bob and Matty Patty decide that Golladay will cost too much to keep. Thinking they will do things The Patriot Way, they trade him to NE for a late 2nd rounder. The incoming GM and coach say “Fuck you very much” as they try to create a winner out of Bob and Matty’s scorched earth.

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That would be a SOL move right there.

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I completely agree, though if any of the patriots fans where I live were to say the same thing I’d call them a bunch of cheaters lol

Brady looked dejected, and in a hurry to get out of there, after the game.

They’re emotional now, and will make decisions from more of a place of strength, in coming weeks.

Was crazy to watch. I didn’t see that coming.

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Yep, no freaking way Brady ends his career on a pick 6.


The Pats do not have enough… but Belichick can acquire talent very quickly.

They’re not dead as long as Belichick is there. They’ll just have to find another way to win. They could use Brady the way Denver used Elway late in his career by running the ball more. Use Brady as a game manager. He can still raise his game when needed. It just wasn’t there for him yesterday. That said,he has looked average most of the season. I would never bet against BB. Wouldn’t It would be ironic if he found a young QB to start over Brady in much the same way Drew Bledsoe lost his job to TB12? The cycle of life.

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That’s gonna be interesting and possibly a driver for decisions.

I’m sure Bill would like to show he can do it without the GOAT and I’m sure Tom is irritated by people thinking it was all Bill.

Then again, maybe neither one of them feels that way and would be happy to retire to islands somewhere far away from Boston

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I was thinking the same.

I would put the chances of Brady retiring at about 1%.

I would put the chances of Brady leaving the Patriots to finish his career somewhere else at about 5%.

I would put the chances of Brady staying with the Patriots and the Patriots trying to upgrade the weapons they have on offense at about 94%.

I don’t think neither Belichick or Brady are quite ready to throw the towel in yet.

It’s getting close though.

Quite frankly, I don’t think either will ever play or join any other organization. When Brady leaves the Patriots it will be to retire and enjoy the rest of his life. When Belichick decides to leave the Patriots it will be to leave coaching all together and probably become an occasional guest on pregame shows.

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He’ll recruit Gronk out of retirement. That plus an additional WR and Harry taking a jump should get them back on track. I think they’ll be in the SB next year and then win or lose Brady will retire

Kraft is all about the happy endings.

Taking over the Lions definitely would not be one.

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I think Josh is gone

If Josh leaves I am not sure Brady wants to stay

If Josh and Brady both leave I think Bill retires and the dynasty definitely ends