Paul is the DC in title only

I was already out on Patricia but there is no magic defensive coordinator hire coming to save this because Matt is never turning that over.


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It’s fixed

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Eeeesh. Speilman is a very trustworthy source.


Yeah for him to put this out there that way considering that he works for the them and is a legend is very interesting.


indeed. Hate to see it, but one thing I know about 54, if he said it, he is telling you his truth…he believes it.

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Matt was out there running this debacle. Ugh.


Man for some reason, this information feels like a punch in the gut.

I never was a Patricia believer but damn.

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PS Bring back Dick LeBeau!

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Let’s bring in Ditka!!! Bears fans would root for us, even in their own building!


Worst part about staff’s injury is it will buy Q&P another year.

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That’s what I’m afraid of. Last year Quinntricia knew they would be back for 2019 no matter what. This year the hot seat started getting warm and unlike last year when they trotted Stafford out there for 4 games with a similar broken bones in back injury, they shut him down this year so they have the excuse of why they will have a crappy record. Even though they were out of contention with Stafford.

I mean we have a bunch of posters here that are using the injury excuse as to why teams shred our defense every single week. So, Quinntricia not only have the Stafford injury excuse, they also have Pauly P as a scapegoat to buy another year, even though Paul doesn’t even serve a purpose on this team.

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I think people are reading too much into this. I don’t think Spielman is throwing Patricia under the bus. He’s just saying it’s Patricia’s D. Paul P. is a placeholder. Try and lure Jerod Mayo from the Pats for DC, I say. If it doesn’t work in 2020 blow the whole thing up.

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Patricia has been calling plays in himself xince the Chicago game. I would argue he has had complete control and Paul P has just been a figure head since he’s been here.

There’s a track record of hiring ex-Pat’s coaches. It’s not pretty. They have a unique thing going there and all success points back to Belichick. Anyone who leaves instantly becomes just another coach (usually a failure as a coach). We already got our GM from them. We got our head coach from them. We got our highest paid defensive player from them. All 3 have been major disappointments. I’m all set taking guys the Pats are willing to let walk.

Sure, but as long as we’re going with that scheme, might as well bring in people who have experience running it at the NFL level. Mayo is a young recent former player who I think guys will relate to, as opposed to a grandpa type guy. And Mayo has his finger on the pulse of that crazy good D they have in NE this year. The only question is will BB let him go…

See, that’s the thing. I watch a lot of the Pats. Nearly as much as I do the Lions. I do not see a similar scheme. They are WAY more aggressive, disruptive and creative. We don’t disguise our coverages, we rarely blitz, and don’t create turnovers.

This reminds me of when the Lions decided to finally run the west coast offense with Mooch. By the time we implemented it, the league had already moved on to something more sophisticated. Same thing here. Whatever it is Patricia thinks he’s doing, the Pats are already years ahead of it, so is every other team’s offensive coordinator it seems.

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So why not bring in one of the key coaches running that Pats D? I think Patricia simply does not trust his LBs. And Mayo is currently LB coach. This was supposed to be a D like you described. No reason it can’t try and be that.

The Pats don’t really have a set “scheme.” They morph into whatever they need to be that week and whatever their personnel allows them to be. In that light they are about as forward thinking as humanly possible, and its where I hoped we would be. Instead it seems we were trotting out a similar defensive approach week after week, which definitely isn’t the Patriots philosophy.


Completely agree. NFL football is a fulltime job. This isn’t college where you are supposed to only get 20 hours or something a week with the players.

We see the Pats moving personnel all over the place pre-snap. Meanwhile it seems like the Lions defense does the same thing week to week. Sit back and react, instead of enforcing your scheme onto the opposing team.

This is the same thing as running only out of shotgun on offense. There’s no reason you cannot go I formation, Pistol, jumbo, spread, wildcat all in the same game. There’s not a rule that you have to be generic and easy to scheme against. Our defense would have given up 600 thru the air yesterday to a really good QB. Luckily for us, we played against Dak, and he still had the game of his life.