Paul Pasqali Needs to go NOT be involved with the defense any longer

they are facts not excuses ! Shit I wish they WERE just excuses. I hold every leader accountable and every player for his success OR Lack of it. Who NEEDS to make “excuses” when The Lions can’t get out of their own way !?

YOU say Paul Pasqualoni isn’t our DC?? Then what the hell is he doing here !? Patricia and Paul are tied at the hip in defensive calls , if you don’t believe that…don’t know what to tell you.
BTW, Matt is a HC he has more responsibilities on his plate than ONLY Defense…

yes together, the defense is flawed even considering our injuries there…IT is not working I agree ! but Matt Patricia’s Title IS Head Coach NOT DC.

You are either running the defense or you are not. The same for offense. You can tell who is running the defense by who’s making the calls. It takes alot of individual preparation buried in game film to run a side of the ball. This is time the coach does not have to spend elsewhere. Hence, why Patricia gave Paul that side of the ball. He’s heavily involved, but he’s not running it. I get why Matty Patty thought he’d structure the coaching staff the way he did, but in the end just like Mike Zimmer says…he’ll never turn his defense over to someone else because its his name on it no matter what.

Paul has proven he can’t handle the job, and is over his head. Its time for Matty Patty to take over our defense and trust the rest of the coaches to do their jobs…because he won’t have as much time to spend with them if he’s running the defense. But it has to happen…right now.

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you and I are on the same page Wes, I feel Pasqualoni is poisoning the well like you said…‘in over his head’ , This is also why I said hand it to Patricia “full time” , let Quinn & Bevell handle the offense and offseasons…let MP handle HC responsibilities and Defensive ones.

IF the Defense doesn’t improve then we know for a fact Patricia isn’t the answer we need.