Pay Kenny G

Your words and your actions aren’t matching up broseph.

I’d be okay with that. Keenan Cole would work okay as well. I think both could see increased production with Stafford throwing them the ball.

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Receivers who make a move during the season rarely ever make an impact. Amari Cooper was a rare exception.

Sorry. I meant in free agency this time. In the past I have talked about him and Dede Westbrook as trade targets.

Did you see what happened to Dede?

Correct…It’s a one off type of situation that has not reared it’s head ever because the cap has never gone down only up …2021 is different

The mistake made is thinking its top 5 salaries purely when it is really…
The top 5 cap percentage based off of the previous years cap for exclusive and for non exclusive it the previous 5 year average % of cap

In English or simply …if the top 5 players salaries at WR equaled 9% of the total cap as a top 5 WR in 2020 …and any contract signed before the restricted Free Agent period ends in 2021 that percentage number will be applied to 2021 as the franchise number .

9% in 2020 will be what a WR gets in 2021 but the 9% being very different in 2021 because of the lower total cap number .

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KG if offered that …should have taken it .

The best Kenny is looking at in guaranteed money via the tag over a 2 year period is roughly $35 Million …going that route has considerable risk playing in 2020 to get $16 in 2021 and playing in 2021 to get the other $19 for 2022 when he could have gotten the $32 guaranteed with no risk at all right now.

I did not. Just googled it. Don’t want to see it. I’m a look away type when it comes to gruesome injuries.

But signing a contract with the Lions means you have to play for the Lions. Huge downside there.


I’d rather do 3/57 or 3/60. Though I bet being a bit older compared to most fourth year pros he’s probably looking for at least 4 if not 5 years. I’d really prefer not to do 5 or in the very least have an out that’s not that cost prohibitive cap wise.

They line up perfectly… I do NOT want bug financial commitments to receivers in their 30s… Especially when the draft is LOADED with talent at the position.

Nice post

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Kenny has no choice if the Lions choose that route …Kenny is also Kenny because of Stafford .

Stafford’s Arm talent and willingness to put the ball in the spots he does for Kenny are keys to Kenny’s success.
Other QB’s would consider Kenny covered and look elsewhere either because they lack the Arm , Balls or talent level to get Kenny the ball .

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Amari Cooper got 100/5 with 60 guaranteed.

After 3 years he can be cut for with a dead cap hit of 6 million, even less if cut it after June 1st.

I’m saying all of this to say if you give Kenny 3 for 60 then you might as well given him the Amari deal which is effectively the same but dramatically reduces the 1st year cap number.

I’ll still maintain there is no way in hell the cap actually falls next year.

They will artificially keep it flat by borrowing against 22 and beyond.

If you think they are going to force the NFLs Golden Boy to lose half the good players on his team, I have some oceanfront property in Jackson, Michigan to sell you.

When the Chiefs handed out those deals after the projections from the league came back I knew something was up.

Kenny Golladay without Stafford the last 8 games of 2019 had 550 yards and 4 touchdowns with absolute trash throwing him the ball.

Over a 16 game season that pace is 1100 yards and 8 touchdowns.

In my opinion Kenny has proven he’s going to be a high level receiver no matter what his quarterback situation.

Based on this year it could be argued Stafford needs Kenny to be productive more than vice versa.

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I’m fine with that approach. I prefer to pay Golladay and fill out the WR corps with cheap youngsters.

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I’d be offering $126 million over 6 years with a $54 million signing bonus and up to $66 guaranteed within the first few years. That may seem like a lot but it’s not a hard contract to get out of after year three and it could look like a bargain when the new TV contract is signed. When looking at what we have tied up in the WR position heading into next season it’s a wonder this isn’t done yet.


Kenny was targeted 54 times without Stafford last season & had 30 receptions for a 55% catch rate when targeted for 550 yards and 4 TD’s

With Stafford Kenny was targeted 62 times and had 35 receptions 56% catch rate
when targeted for 640 yards & 7 TD’s

All similar numbers (except the TD’s) regardless of the QB throwing to Kenny when you look at the totals for Kenny as total stats & when averaged out between who threw him the ball 8 games with Stafford & 8 games without the above is the reason stats lie and do not always tell the story .

With Stafford Kenny had 4 games (50%) in which he had 117, 121, 123 & 132 yards receiving on 23 receptions for 493 yards at a 21.5 yards per reception with 4 TD’s

With the other QB’s throwing Kenny the ball the final 8 games and other than the 1 outlier game vs Chicago after Stafford went down (158 yards receiving on 4 catches 1 TD) …

Kenny failed to have more than 72 yards receiving in any game and averaged 47 yards receiving per game over 7 of those final 8 games for a total of 392 yards with 3 TD’s

Stafford and Kenny delivered in those 4 games 101 more yards and 1 TD extra production over what the other QB’s and Kenny did over 7 games .

You are paying damn near the same money with a similar commitment, just doing it in a way that pisses people off and makes sure he doesn’t show up for the beginning of camp for the next 2 years. You arent accomplishing what you think you are accomplishing.

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And he’s not accomplishing what he thinks he’s accomplishing by asking for an obscene amount of money. Let him hit free agency and ask for $22 million/year. Better yet, hit him with the transition tag, get him for less than the franchise tag and he gets to see what his market value really is. We’ll get better than a 3rd in return, get him on a fair market deal, or get him for a year at a discounted rate.