Peanut Gallery

This is directed at all of us that enjoy reading the comments and may not respond very much. I know that while I enjoy the season I am not the best offseason fan. I do not follow college football, just do not enjoy it very much right now as a Michigan fan. So my looking at prospects is usually limited to Youtube, which means that I just see the highlights verses actual game play. Which means that I while I might like player x, i freely admit I might not know anything about player a so I will not have an opinion about him. I am also not a cap guy and do not worry about it as much as some fans do.

Okay enough of that, the fact is that I started this to hear from the rest of the peanut gallery. Feel free to just say hi or not. Just wondering how everyone is doing. Me I am getting relocated back to Wisconsin and I am spending most of my time either traveling for work, packing or looking for a place for my family. I am so glad it is the offseason and I have plenty of time to catch up.


Hi I guess I’m part of the peanut gallery also lol! I’m a die hard Lions fan since I was a kid in the 80’s. I follow the threads and enjoy all the info and comments. I sometimes add my 2 cents. I’m very excited about the off-season and the future of the organization. It just feels right this time.

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As you define peanut gallery, I may fit in as well. I just pretend to be WAY smarter than I actually am. I’m more here to learn than teach. Love getting all of the different perspectives and learning, especially before the draft.

I know football better than average, for sure. That said, there are ppl here who know WAY more than me. As for college players, and dudes from different teams, schemes that “this or that” defensive coordinators ran in the 70s or 80s…some of these dudes are FREAKS with how much they remember. Insanely cool to read some of their stuff.

Love it.


Very true, some of the research that our denmates do is crazy. I barely have the time to watch youtube let alone break it all down. All i know is that I want my team to win and screw the other guys, LOL.


You won’t learn that much here,if your a football fan common sense will be smarter than what’s here. Now opinions you will hear here and they can be very good knowledge, not all of them but definitely some good ones. The problem is some here think they are experts and who you believe could be a downfall but if you just use common sense plus opinions there is some good knowledge.


Sorry to hear that but it sounds like your gonna fit right in … lol

In best Butthead voice, “he said packing”.


Where to? I live outside Madison.

I will be up in the Rhinelander area.

Nice area. Rhinelander, Tomahawk, Minocqua, Woodruff… and, of course (though not exactly the same area), Iron Mountain and Escanaba… Beautiful.

Have to admit i feel good about this new management however I’ve been a fan since i was a kid in 60 s so I can’t count the number of times I’ve said that before. I’ve been let down, disappointed,angered,and agitated. I’m a lions fan

I’m not greedy about my desire for lion success, desire for a superbowl i keep in the fantasy category but just once iid love to see the lions be one of the elite teams

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