Pencil It In: Stafford Your 2020 MVP

Yeah, he said it.

The article talks a good game, but strays more toward fantasy than reality.


Love it.

Let’s just make sure that pencil has a very good eraser.

Exactly - change it to SB MVP, right!?!


Even better! I’d love to see that.

Not being sarcastic. (Just feel like that needs to be pointed out on the internet sometimes)

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Not a chance. Joe Burrow has a better chance of winning MVP and he hasn’t even been drafted yet. Hoping this is the last season with the fraud at QB.

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I don’t get it… if this guy believes so much he should pound Stafford at 40-1 odds to win MVP. He won’t, though. He would rather just shoot his mouth off with nothing at stake.

Kyler Murray is 20-1 as he is twice the talent Stafford is. Dak 16-1.

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Speaking of people who shoot their mouths off with nothing at stake…


Is he getting traded?

The only way I see him winning MVP is if the Lions go undefeated and he throws for 5,000 yrds.

I firmly believe he’s capable of having the best stats in 2020. But Lions players never get considered for MVP even when they deserve it.


What Lion has been deserving of an MVP since Barry?

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Hanson - Prater … lol

These streets are telling me that this won’t be his last year in Detroit. :joy:

Eh… a WR has never won MVP before. No one has it out for the Lions lol. Once they have a deserving MVP they will win MVP

Great news for you since you don’t care about winning. You get to wear your Stafford jersey with pride for a little longer!!! Yay!!!

Lighten up Iggy. It was a joke. You are so easy to provoke.

Gets old having to hear nonsense from people who don’t know how to spell “paid”. Or who try to rip on the SB MVP 2 days after winning it. This fan base is literally an embarrassment.

If it bothers you that much you can either:

  1. Block me and everyone else who annoys you.
  2. Go away and find somewhere to puff your chest and ridicule people.
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And you are literally a total dick.


Did your mousey boss beat on you again?

Go toss around some more homophobic slurs On a football board tough guy. You’re sooo tough. Probably 5’5 350 pounds.

Mousey boss? WTF is this supposed to mean? Your chirps don’t even make sense boomer