Percy Harvin wants to return to NFL

Whoa! He’s 31.

Breaking: Former 1st-rounder, FA WR Percy Harvin tells me: “I’m ready to return to the NFL. I thought I was done, but that itch came back. I’ve been training w/a former Olympian. My body is feeling good. Mentally I’m better. My family is good. The timing is right.” He's 185lbs.

— ig: josinaanderson (@JosinaAnderson) April 22, 2020

I sure wouldn’t mind him as a slot WR. He also played for Bevell…

I don’t think anyone has thought about Harvin since BEFORE he left the league. Good luck though.

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People remember the Harvin from 2009-2012.

They forget he hardly played between 2013-2016 and, when he did, Harvin wasn’t very good.

In a WR heavy draft, at 31, he really doesn’t merit much attention.

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I would definitely take a flyer on a rejuvenated Harvin. I mean I’m not tying up a bunch of cap space, but if he looks good in a try out, I would definitely sign him. He doesn’t need to be a #1 WR here. He just needs to be a RAC guy who can also get deep.

I’ll have to do some looking but he sure didn’t play many games those last 4 seasons. He must have been hurt. Three seasons off may have helped. Who knows.

Lots of guys over 30 still getting it done. Not superstars but worth a spot.

EDIT: It was chronic migraines.

That dude hasn’t done anything since 2014! LOL

And that he frequently just sat out games because of “migraines” and the team that thought he would play on Saturday did not have him available on Sunday

He’ll probably get a tryout from some team. Doubt he sticks. If he does, he’s not getting big money as a depth player at this point.

That itch is probably related to being able to smoke weed now


Agree he is throwing bait out looking for a bite I would take a look league minimum …Like pocket change

He’d be 32 when the season starts and hasn’t played in 4 years. Add in the fact that training camps will be cut short or virtually non-existent, teams are going to stick with players who know their systems.

Let’s bring back Calvin and Barry!