Perkins, Hand, Slay, Bawden, etc

RB Paul Perkins promoted from PS to Active 53. Doesn’t necessarily mean the Lions won’t do a trade for a better RB though.

Hand was going through contact drills today at practice. Encouraging.

Slay is at practices, but not doing much. Not encouraging.

Bawden wasn’t at practice. Dunno if it’s injury-related, but I think he was hurt in the Minny game.

Oruwariye not at practice. I haven’t read squat about him, no idea when or even if he’ll be back.

Daniels made a brief appearance, then left.

Ty Johnson taking 1st team RB reps.

Cardinals signed Zenner, he ain’t coming back any time soon.

Lions signed RN Wes Hillis to PS

Comment from Kyle einke, MLive on Diggs:

Quandre Diggs’ struggles aren’t contained to 4+ games. He had a bad offseason too. Just wasn’t making the plays he used to, or at least not as frequently. Exhibit A: That TD pass to Thielen on Sunday.

Patricia: Given how little dropoff there was with Diggs off the field, Detroit moved on


thanks Wise.

I put more blame on the Thielen TD on zero pass rush by our very expensive players on the D-Line, 9 seconds for Cousins hang out, then throw a perfect pass, and a spectacular grab by Thielen. Coverage wasn’t great, but that’s a high end WR and I could’ve sworn that was Slay’s responsibility on that play. Either way, I don’t care who you are, if you give a decent QB and a great WR that much time, Deion Sanders and Ronnie Lott in their primes are going to give up big plays. Guaranteed.


We signed Registered Nurse Wes Hillis to the practice squad? I guess that’s a prudent move with all of the injuries we have.


Maybe its Hills instead of Hillis, I dunno. The original tweet I saw had it as Hillis.

Here you go, from Rothstein at ESPN:

Lions promote Paul Perkins to the 53-man roster. Re-signed Wes Hillis to the practice squad.

I’m just being a smart ass, dude. You accidentally typed RN instead of RB for Hillis. There’s no need to put in extra effort on my behalf.

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I thought it was funny!

We probably would get more value out of an RN than a RB right now… lol


God Damned keyboard!


You might want to go back and re-watch the play. Diggs was right there, he simply didn’t make the play. Deion would have snatched the ball out of the air. Hell, Tracey Walker would have snatched the ball out of the air. Diggs was there, he’s just vertically challenged and decided not to get enough depth to compensate.

Personally I think Slay is gone this next year too.

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I think so too.

I haven’t been studying Slay too closely, but it seems like his play has slipped a little over the years. Am I off base? I just feels like a few years ago hardly anyone would beat him, but over the last few years it has been several wide receivers (Davonte Adams, Keenan Allen) comes to mind, now that being said I still think he’s our best corner and would hate to lose him.

Oh, I watched it. Its not like it was a bonehead play. Just didn’t get it done. Neither did Slay who was right there. I see 50 plays a week like that our of guys paid more. Meanwhile, Flowers was half assing it, in no mans land hanging out by himself 7 yards down field and one of our tackles was on his back. That play never happens if we get anything ever out of our D line. I stand by my comments. Ramsey, Peterson and any stud defensive back will give up plenty of plays like that if their defensive line is absolutely useless. Ours D line just happens to be the worst in the league this year. We wont know much this week but wait till we play against another decent team and see if our secondary is fixed with zero pass rush ever.

That pass to Theilen was a perfectly executed throw and catch. Night Train Layne couldn’t have stopped it.

He was right there. That wasn’t a “play like that.” I’m guessing every single time a DB makes a mistake you are simply going to say “well if Flowers would have simply sacked the QB or tackled the RB before that, it would have never happened!” Well no shit. I like Diggs, but he screwed up on that play.

And while I understand some complaints about Flowers, I have zero idea how someone can watch that play and not see the run action.

I’m calling BS. Diggs was right there. He simply didn’t make the play. He’s vertically challenged and misjudged the ball.

That’s like, your opinion man.


We will also decide to have the opinion that NOBODY should have knocked down the hail mary pass from Aaron Rodgers in 2015. The pass rush should have gotten home, let’s not even question the guys back in the endzone who goofed.

Apples and oranges are both fruits but their appearance, flavor, and nutritional content are quite different.

But Theilen never would have made it to the end zone, since his head would be lying just past LOS with Night Train in there.