Pete Carroll praises Diggs for quickly improving defense


Ha ha, of course he’s playing well after we traded him and his reasonable contract for a future backup guard. I’m going to go pour some coffee in my whiskey.


The greatest safety to ever live


Hmmm…makes ya wonder if it’s the scheme that’s making our DBs look like trash.

Can’t wait to see Slay get run off too.

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No question that our scheme puts more pressure on our DB’s to perform in man to man than most if not all defenses in the league. Then, you provide this design with no pass rush, so QB’s have all day to wait on someone to come open. We don’t look terrible against terrible QB’s. But once the talent meter goes above terrible, we make them look like HOF material.


Fuck Pete Carroll … that’s all I got.

Waiting for people to come into this thread and mock Pete Carroll, because they know more than he does about coaching and the play of Diggs, while somehow implicitly defending the complete shitshow that Bob Quinn has created in Detroit.

Which included getting rid of one of their top defensive players in Diggs.


No one said that.

But I’m sure the Lions wouldn’t be any better at all with Diggs, right? Solid move by Quinn, who is just full of solid moves. That trade looks better every day, amirite?




Well… no? Diggs has a whopping THREE combined tackles in the past two games. So let’s get real on what we are missing out on ok? We wanted to start Harris who in contrast has 8 combined tackles over the past two games. He made a great play yesterday to knock a would be catch for a first down out of bounds. He covered a ton of ground to make that play and he’s a rookie. Because a coach “says” something, sure doesn’t mean it’s real. What do you want Carroll to say about his trade? We really blew it?? Do you believe Quintricia when they say how good their moves are for the team?? Was I for the Diggs trade? No, am I going to let a guy who has 3 tackles in two games get elevated to Ronnie Lott status here? C’mon!


That’s my point. No one is elevating him to Ronnie Lott status. But the Seahawks are a winning, solid franchise, and they seem to be better as a result of the Diggs trade. The Lions are a losing, shitty franchise, and they seem to be worse as a result of the Diggs trade.

Am I missing something here?

… or is your argument that Quinn bamboozled the Seahawks? Because I don’t think logic and evidence is on your side.


We were losing with Diggs too! My logic is that IF they liked and wanted Harris to be the starting SS in 2020, then we had a decision to make. Continue to sit him for Diggs who was NOT playing well for us. Then likely cut or trade Diggs in the offseason (after not making the playoffs with him) then getting similar compensation and starting from scratch with Harris next season. OR doing what we did and letting Harris take his lumps now. Do you think Harris is playing better now than he was in spot duty earlier in the season? Do you think we saw the exact same evolution with Quin/ Walker last year? I think it’s a lost season and was when we traded Diggs. He would not have been our playoff savior man. They liked the guy who is suiting up for us now better for the future and that is really the alpha and omega of this.

That was a beautiful play. (knocking the receiver out of bounds)

I didn’t see a better defense with Diggs in there, did you? We made Kirk Cousins look like Peyton Manning in his prime. I love the Diggs subject, because I am a bit of a Diggs fan and I love how people’s logic is when it comes to the subject.

Gotta love those magic beans!!!

I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I think Wilson proved to a player they wanted to get on the field more, and that makes Diggs a $7M backup safety. Getting rid of Diggs also opens up the ability to get Harris on the field more, not necessarily start him. Obviously we were thrust into that situation with Walker being in and out of the lineup. From my view so far, I think Walker and Wilson are solid safeties. I’m not liking what I’m seeing out of Harris. His movements aren’t fluid and his timed speed isn’t showing up on the field.

The Seahawks have made their share of bad moves. I don’t think picking up Diggs for a 5th is a bad move. But considering our situation, I don’t think moving on from Diggs was necessarily a bad move either. The staff saw the writing on the wall with him, and decided it was better to get some value for him now and get the other guys on the field.


I don’t know what’s worse, the idiotic trade or the defending of the idiotic trade?

Not that Diggs is a world beater but the Seahawks got a solid player that they know how to utilize correctly signed for 2 more years through his prime for a nothing draft pick. Little things like this are the reason why the Lions are… the Lions. Don’t get me started on Van Noy and Warford. Could really use those two right about now.


How about Ziggy, you want him too?

This. I just don’t understand how people are still defending Quinn at this point. You have to take everything into context, and once that’s done, I struggle to see how people can look at the Diggs trade and objectively believe Quinn did anything other than something that was dumb.

Quinn is a shit GM. He’s garbage. He’s among the worst in the league. He’s taken a sad sack franchise and made it more abysmal. He needs to be fired. Yesterday.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, are a franchise that consistently competes for a championship every god damn year. They swindled us for one of our best defensive players, whom they’re quite happy with, yet people somehow think the Lions did something positive. But here we are.


Damn, if we could have just lost to the Packers last year and not traded Diggs, we’d be competing for the playoffs right now!

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Nah, I prefer an old and broken Daniels and Harrison for a cool $20m+ and wait until they lose Slay for nothing or deal him for another underwhelming return. That’ll be fun.

It’s amazing the mental gymnastics you put out there to defend a poor trade. It’s not the worst trade ever but it’s a symptom of a larger issue with this franchise over the years. Asset management or lack thereof.


Diggs was not playing like one of our best players here. Despite what the coach that acquired said player is saying about said player, he has 3 combined tackles in 2 games in Seattle. Yes he picked off a pass that was deflected into his arms. Are we certain Harris wouldn’t have made that amazing play? Nope it was an easy play and he was not making a play on the ball, it was a lucky deflection to him. He had a FR last game. That’s a play. So is the play Harris made on the WR knocking him out of bounds. Harris has 8 tackles over the past two games. Diggs has 3. 3.

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