Peter King makes the case for the Lions to take Tua

Here’s King’s take:

I think this is my favorite analysis of Tua Tagovailoa, from one of my favorite analysts, Dan Orlovsky: “It’s going to take a courageous general manager to draft him, and it’s going to take a courageous general manager to pass on him.” When Orlovsky told me that, I immediately thought of two teams: Detroit, picking third, and Miami, picking fifth. How can Tagovailoa get past Miami—that’s my first thought.

But think if you’re Detroit. Matthew Stafford’s been the quarterback there 11 seasons. He’s never won a playoff game, and the Lions are 13 under .500 in games he starts, and he’s entering his age-32 season. Sometimes, even when something’s not your fault, it might be time to wipe the slate clean. If the Lions draft Tua and keep Stafford this year, then cut Stafford in 2021, it’s a $19-million cap hit (when the cap will likely be well over $200 million the first year of the new CBA, assuming no work stoppage), per Over The Cap. The Lions, at minimum, should do very serious homework on the Alabama QB coming back from his hip injury. I’d be concerned with two high ankle sprains and the hip surgery in the span of 13 months. That’s something you’d better be sure of if you pick him. But if you get past that, how do you pass on him, even with a decent QB situation on your team?

As I’ve said before, taking Tua, if the medicals check out, would take courage and imagination. The Lions, historically, have neither. And if they pass on him, that will be your sign that he’s going to be a 12-year starter and perennial Pro-Bowler.



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Would blow my mind if we did it. The only reason I could see them doing it is to buy themselves more time and it would be irresponsible in my opinion considering how desperate we are at other positions for game changers.


Quintricia are in win now mode. I don’t see us drafting a QB that will likely not contribute in 2020 (unless they know something we don’t know about #9).


If they can get a lot done in free agency, I’m not entirely opposed.

The value is clear. He not only becomes the QB of the future, he is automatically the backup they’ve been looking for if Stafford goes down again. And the odds of that increase with each passing year. Plus, I hate to say it, as mentioned it gives them the option of trading Stafford in the future.

I’m a Stafford supporter, and hope he has a great year and leads the Lions to the playoffs. And I’d prefer to let Tua man the clipboard while his hip heals fully. He can learn the pro game for 1-3 years (a la Rodgers) before he comes in to start.

You only get so many opportunities to draft a franchise QB without giving up a boatload of picks to move up.

I don’t think they do it. And there’s still a chance QBs go 1-2 and Young falls to us, or we get a trade offer we can’t refuse. But to say no way, well, no way. Let check his injuries and see how he performs at the combine before we say no chance.

If I’m drafting a QB at #3 it’s Justin Herbert to sit behind Stafford . Not a guy in Tua with a plate and screws permanently in place holding his hip together and another piece of metal implanted to limit the inward rotation of his hip .
The Arthritis can set in 2 years post injury and the avascular necrosis for up to a year or more post injury .
No one can say one way or the other …time will tell and not by April Draft time .
I also would not give a lame duck GM in Quinn & the same with Patricia, guys with an ultimatum the okay to draft for a future QB the new GM & Coach may not want.

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Yeah, the injuries are pretty concerning. We’ll see what Tua turns out to be.

But the chances of a team falling in love with either Herbert or Tua is pretty good. And if a team really want to be sure of getting their guy they may have to go all the way up to 2, since a rival may be climbing into position and no pick will be truly safe once the draft is underway. And that’s assuming Cincy takes Burrow, which isn’t set in stone. Which means there’s a pretty decent chance Young falls to us - and I would be ecstatic.

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This, I wanted no part of Tua before the injury, Herbert is the superior prospect.


Avoiding tua is like saying no to Wilson . Herbert will end up like Mariota

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He was an Alabama QB, that should be enough to not take him in any round.

Tua is like Wilson?..Stanley or Nancy?..because he’s definitely not Russell!


What would be interesting is if Stafford’s health issue is more of a concern than Detroit is letting on in hopes they dissuade QB hungry teams from jumping up to Washington thinking they could get Tua at 5 if Miami just stays there, or just having to move up to 4 sorta deal.

Detroit could ask the moon and the stars for #3 and scare the moving up team off from making a deal with the Lions, but think that no way the Lions take Tua anyways with Stafford so just look to deal with #4.

We sit him for two years maybe…

That’s quite a waste of a #3 OA draft pick if he doesn’t play until half his contract is over.

I believe if he’s healthy and can overcome the injuries that he could be better the Russell.

But ya know what they say about it’s.

I actually think the kid is extremely talented. But the injury history is a risk that the Lions can’t afford to take.

But if we were smart we would try to sell the notion that we were seriously interested.

Then I’d not take him at three

Just me

I think he means he is like Tom Hanks best beach buddy…

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Russell can run, Tua not so much. Russell rushed for over 1400 yards in college, Tua rushed for 340.

Tua is NOT good at creating something from nothing, he’s just not it good on the move either. He’s more Drew Brees than anything.

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