PFF predicts Lions sign Melvin Gordon and KVN

Yeah right I highly doubt either of these happen.

They also predicted the Lions sign defensive lineman Shelby Harris. That one has a higher probability of you ask me.

I’d lose my mind if they paid Melvin Gordon that money.


Hell no to Gordon. No on Kyle.


Kennard > KVN, thanks but no thanks.
Gordon is a mess.

PFF further damages its brand by “predicting” this.

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I think Gordon wants more money than that. Not that I think he’ll necessarily get it. If I remember correctly he was reported to have turned down 11m per from the Chargers.

How is Kennard better than KVN?

Sign Jordan Howard unless you plan on drafting a RB. I have already posted that we should sign KVN, half kidding but the guy is perfect for this D and was never going to be a fit in Austins D when we traded up to get him. It really showed just how disconnected Quinn was with how this works. I wouldn’t touch Gordon either, Shelby Harris would be an upgrade so sure.


Kennard has longer arms and is able to play the run better without getting swallowed up by blockers. KVN isn’t as clean on the line. No worse in coverage.

PFF grades KVN almost 15 points higher than Kennard. Say what you want about PFF but not all their stats can be disregarded.
I hesitate to say that Kennard is not a good player…but KVN is obviously better at just about everything.

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Do they break it down by run or pass?

KVN was supposedly a Pro Bowl player this year but feels he was snubbed. shrug I’ve watched him play in NE and I could tell he did flourish there, but I don’t see a chance that he’d come back here. His ties to Quinn and Patricia would have to be REALLY strong I would think.

Melvin Gordon, pass especially for the money. Damaged goods as of late with 4 missed games per season (2 years) and this past season he wasn’t very effective when in. Good amount of TD’s but you could tell he was hobbled most of the season and only a long of 24 with a 3.8ypc… We can find that cheaper lol.

Both I believe


KVN isn’t any good.

I am not big fan of KVN. We need a LB who can cover if you are signing a FA. I don’t see signing him as a good use of our cap money. He is not THAT much better than Kennard.

I would rather take a shot on a late round RB than commit that much cash to Gordon although for less I would have some interested. I would also look at Derrick Henry (the new “Beast mode”) and Kenyon Drake to see what they are looking for. I don’t want to rely on Kerryon staying healthy. Actually, I am hoping for Dobbins with our current 2nd pick. Way cheaper and younger.

Huh? We traded our 2nd, a 4th and a 7th to move up to take Van Noy in the 2nd and a 5th round pick from Seattle.

Not too excited about either…

In case you didn’t find the link
2019 Detroit Lions listed in PFF top 100 FA

  1. Mike Daniels
  2. Graham Glasgow
  3. Tavon Wilson

Maybe I’m not seeing what you’re trying to say, but Quinn had nothing to do with drafting KVN.

We all know the Lions will target some NE free agents. But I doubt KVN is one of them. So which NE players will BQ/MP cover?

I think D. McCourtney makes sense. He can play both safety positions and would bring veteran leadership to a young safety group.

D. Shelton also makes sense. Especially if Snacks retires. I think DT will be a Lions priority in free agency.

J. Thuney is another that I think the Lions might go after. I suspect we want to upgrade from GG and Thuney just makes sense.