PFF predicts Lions sign Melvin Gordon and KVN

I would love it if the Lions signed Devin McCourty but not sure about Danny Shelton. Matt Patricia never coached him at New England but if he was used in a similar way/scheme, why not. He’s still fairly young, former 1st round pick in 2015.

Pass on Gordon.
He’s played 5 years in the NFL.
One of them resulted in 1,000 rush yards.
One of them he didn’t score a single TD.
He’s only averaged 4.0 yards a carry once.
He’s played all 16 games just once.

He’s a fantasy asset because of usage rate and is good on the goal line, but when you actually watch him play, he’s just another guy most of the time, chugging for around 3.8 ypc behind a pretty good run blocking team (see what Eckler did this season, and he was known as a receiving back coming into the year). Now, 3.8 ypc is better than most Lions RBs over the last 30 years not named Barry Sanders, but it also isn’t worth paying the kind of big money he wants. I don’t see him averaging 3.8 ypc behind this line, and his high usage rate also suggests a big likelihood of injury risk.
You can get almost the same guy for one-third the price in Jordan Howard.

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I agree.

I liked Gordon coming out but I also think he’s overrated. I wouldn’t pay him big bucks. It will be interesting to see if someone does. Hopefully not the Lions.

Unfortunately for Gordon, he’s most overrated by himself.

I agree … that’s why I’m curious what he will actually bring on the open market. My guess is that it’s far less than he thinks.

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