PFF: Stafford is NFL's best Q4 QB so far

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No offense, but PFF is the very last source of useful info on the planet. Much less credible than the National Enquirer and the Onion.

It’s a talking point, calm down.


I’m calm. I said no offense. Not blaming anyone, but they also grade the Lions entire offensive line as if they’re “hogs” of the Redskins that mashed dudes, while our O Line is soft as Charmin

I SAID CALM DOWN! :stuck_out_tongue:


Since you say it that way… I’ll stand down. :grimacing:

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I agree that PFF is not the greatest metric to measure players…but funny how quick people are to use it to support bad play!

See any Flowers, Decker or Davis thread!!


That’s fair. I choose to use my eyes and see the results for myself. If we can’t run the ball with any RB over the past several years, I’m gonna go ahead and say Ragnow and Glasgow are not at the top of the league at their positions.

I can see Davis whiff, over pursue or straight up dog it on plays. Don’t need some sabermetric to tell me otherwise. I see Flowers get pancaked and completely deleted and decleated by any legit tackle and see him make a play or 2 against back ups. You watch enough football, the cream rises to the top. Its not hard to figure out which guys are good, bad, average, solid, etc.

So true
The motto:
Whatever supports your position is gold
Whatever does NOT support your position must be discredited
Grade school stuff


Ok I’ll say it PROPS to Stafford any damn way IF more NFL sites back up what PFF stated !

Yeah, better hurry Stafford back as quickly as possible with those broken bones in his back so we can miss the playoffs with him at the helm rather than with him on IR where a guy with broken bones in his back belongs.

It’s worth it to jeopardize the future on a losing season.

Good thinking, Bob and Matt. I’m quickly losing my confidence in these two guys if this is the plan they choose to go with.