PFN Mock Draft Simulator

I just wanted to reshare the Mock Draft simulator that Coyote originally shared a few weeks back.

I’ve probably have done 20+ mocks using it.

I’ve actually been doing multiple trade-downs and trading back up to get another late first round pick.

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It wouldn’t let me trade with Miami, our 3 for their 5 and 26, which given that Tua is still there seemed unrealistic to me. So, I ran the Sim with no trades and ended up with this:

*3. Jeffrey Okudah CB Ohio State
*35. Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
*67. Justin Madubuike DT Texas A&M
*85. J.K. Dobbins RB Ohio State
*109. Van Jefferson WR Florida
*149. Saahdiq Charles OT LSU
*166. Damien Lewis G LSU
*182. Oluwole Betiku DE Illinois
*235. Bravvion Roy DT Baylor

Didn’t think Dobbins will fall to 85, but what the hell. Didn’t think Lewis would be there at 166 either. Frankly, I’am not totally confident in Joe Dahl coming back from his injury, so I took 2 IOLs. Would like to have taken a DE and an OT sooner, but you don’t always get what you want.

Thats the best one yet. Wow

Nice draft. As always some guys falling that likely won’t, but we always tend to see these things. Thing is, the guys above them are good too and that’s all it takes for some guys to fall as teams target needs.

Low value TD with Miami for 5, then decent TD w LAC for 6. Normally far fetched, but in this scenario with both Miami and LAC needing QB’s we get our best talent/need pick and additional picks:

|6.|Jeffrey Okudah CB

|35.|Lloyd Cushenberry C/OG

|56.|D’Andre Swift RB

|67.|Ross Blacklock 3t DT

|71.|James Lynch DE/3t DT

|85.|Prince Tega Wanogho RT

|109.|Chase Claypool WR

|149.|Evan Weaver LB

|166.|Jonah Jackson OG

|182.|Derrek Tuszka DE

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Man this is best case. I love all those guys. Man if we could pull that off.

6 Jeffrey Okudah - CB Ohio State
35 Cesar Ruiz - C Michigan
37 Tee Higgins - WR Clemson
67 Clyde Edwards-Helaire -RB LSU
85 Jacob Phillips - ILB LSU
109 Francis Bernard - ILB Utah
149 Anfernee Jennings - DE Alabama
166 Lavert Hill - CB Michigan

These were my results. Dream draft.

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Here is mine
Trade down with Jacksonville, hit a hr we get their 9th, 20th and 2nd round pick

  1. Simmons Clemson
  2. CB Terrell Clemson
  3. WR Higgins lol Clemson
  4. DT Gallimore Oklahoma
  5. DE Greenard Florida
  6. G Kindley Georgia
  7. QB HURTS Oklahoma
  8. RB Dillon Boston college
  9. DT Davis Nebraska
  10. CB Hill Michigan
  11. P Mann Texas AM

Made a bunch of trades, it’s ok I guess. Not sure I love it.

Can someone please explain to me why we would draft a center?

Frank Ragnow was the 6th best center in the NFL in 2019.

Ruiz only played 5 games at right guard. So it won’t be for right guard.

I can understand a Cushenberry at RG. But not a true center.

Most of the time the trouble trying to transition a C to OG is size as generally speaking C’s tend to be smaller/lighter guys that are more agile. But we have a bit of a history here with this staff, with Glasgow and Ragnow, neither who had problems handling either position. Ruiz is 6’3 307 with 33 inch arms. We aren’t talking 6’0 290 here. Next is we could use his athleticism in our inside zone scheme. The dude can freaking move and that is a good thing for us. Glasgow was 308 playing RG for us last year. If we TD and Ruiz is there in the 2nd, we’d better think long and hard about passing on him. I also like Cushenberry who is bigger, but Ruiz put up more reps on the bench and was the quicker guy. There would be much much worse things for us, than to start Ruiz at RG next year. Trust me.

If the Lions draft Ruiz it’ll be because they believe he can play at Center and RG, maybe LG too. 5 games ain’t much to go on, but I would imagine they can tell if the guy has the basic qualities to play the position. And you do realize they have to have a backup Center, right?

I know this probably would not happen, but my ideal draft would look something like this. Trade back #3 with Carolina for #7, #38, #113. Then trade back #7 with Jets for #11, #48, #120. Draft the following players.

#11 - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina
#35 - AJ Terrell CD Clemson
#38 - Antoine WInfield S Minnesota
#48 - JK Dobbins RB OSU
#67 - Prince Tega Wanogho OT Aubrun
#86 - Tyler Biadasz - OG Wisconsin
#109 - Rashard Lawrence DT LSU
#113 - Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota
#120 - Logan Sternberg OG Kentucky
#149 - Anfernee Jennings DE BAMA
#166 - Anthony Gibson QB Washington State
#182 - LsDarius Hamilton DE North Texxas
#235 - Kendrick Rogers WR Texas A&M

Projected starters Defense:
DE - Flowers and combination of Hand, Okwara, Jennings, Bryant, Hamilton
DT - Shelton, Kinlaw with Lawrence and Williams backups
LB - Davis, Collins, Tavi, Ragland and the rest
CB - Truffant, Terrell, Coleman and the rest
S - Walker Winfield, Harmon, Harris, the rest

Projected starters offense:
WR - Golliday, Amendola, Jones, Johnson, Hall, the rest
TE - Hock, James, Naugta
OT - Decker, Viatai, Wanogho, Crosby, ther rest
OG - Benz, Biadasz, Dahl, Sternberg
C - Ragnow
QB - Stafford, Daniels, Gordon, Blough
RB - Dobbins, KJ, Bo, the rest

I think this team could compete.

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Go vote on this

Dang, no one would trade for the third pick in this scenario. Even deals that weren’t that advantageous to the Lions.

  1. Jeffrey Okudah
    CB Ohio State

  2. Patrick Queen

  3. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    RB LSU

  4. Neville Gallimore
    DT Oklahoma

  5. Ben Bartch
    OT St. John’s

  6. Shaun Bradley
    ILB Temple

  7. Alton Robinson
    DE Syracuse

  8. Larrell Murchison
    DT NC State

  9. Braden Mann
    P Texas A&M

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Voting time is over. Couldn’t vote. I would have chose the left one myself.

Edit: you have to the posters home page and vote from there.

We should do a poll from everyone’s PFN draft and have people vote here. One could start a thread and post your (everyone) screenshot of your draft, then make a poll for the winner. That would be fun actually.

That round was over. I lost by 2 votes lol

Mine was the left one lol

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Yours was a much better draft.

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I thought so too but alot of people see okudah and get giddy where mine is alot of depth and guys that can play a role

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