Phil Sims “lions Offense ran out of plays on MNF”

Phil Simms was in his son’s show. 37 minute mark: like Detroit, thinks they ran out of plays on the offensive side of the ball on MNF. He has a pretty cool take from 37 to 48 of the cast. Essentially he loves GB’s offense and it’s ingenuity BUT was equally impressed with the Lions and how they countered everything the packers threw at them…big fan of Patricia. “You can see the organization, the culture, the toughness, guys buying in”. Talks about Lions in a uphill right in a crazy tough conference.

I think it had more to do with executing the plays that were called. Dropped passes, missed blocks, overthrow pass’.
Obviously, the fake penalties and lack of PI not called all could have changed the outcome. Hock also made a few rookie blunders that I believe will be corrected as time moves on.

It sounds like you didn’t listen to the podcast bc they addressed that very thing. They ran out of plays and then went into “go out and just make a play, which they didn’t do”.

I would recommend listening to the podcast bc Simms does an amazing job breaking down plays pre-snap and post-snap playcalls and explains how certain plays were doomed from the start and how the qb reacted to miscommunications and misreads etc.

Didnt listen to the podcast, but the obvious question is, how the hell does a team run out of plays? Is this normal?

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I was just thinking this same thing

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I have no idea, but when Phil Simms (two time SB qb) Chris Simms (NFL qb/Patriot staffer) Matt Simms ( NFL backup qb) Paul Burmeister (college qb) all have a conversation about how the offense looked like it ran out of plays in the second half…makes me wonder…and I am a big fan of bevel. I was surprised to listen to this.

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I’m definitely not questioning their analysis and they may be onto something. I don’t have stats but I wonder if this is happening in every game. The offense struggled in game 1 in the 4th qtr and then in Green Bay. I’ll have to look into the 4th qtr of the other games to see if there is a trend

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Has to be some truth to this …New Co. and the plays or the attack scripted and designed for the opponent.
Ran out of plays is a stretch but perhaps ran out of plays for this particular opponent maybe …The smart style and plan works real well when you do not have to battle the refs …FG’s will do if you can get a double digit or multiple score lead late …but not when drives are extended and nonsense and drives ending for yourself because of an agenda …the Plan needs to be altered to compensate for the refs stealing it …NE does this all the time , build a lead and play smart …they just don’t get fucked the way we do .


Typically the Lions are not leading in the 4th quarter and usually down by 2 or 3 scores The other defense is in prevent mode and any passing play more or less works.

Seriously though, it’s pretty bad that a team could actually run out of anything tangible.

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They obviously didn’t exhaust the playbook.

Sims appears to be saying they ran out of plays they were comfortable in calling, i.e. those for which they had enough practice reps or for some perhaps they didn’t like the matchups they saw. Pure conjecture on his part.

The 2nd half was not Bevell’s finest hour this year, but he’s been quite good overall. I like the aggressiveness he’s shown in going downfield.

What bothers me is the lack of a run game, and the lack of using our dual threat TEs more often. It really sucks that we’re running 2 and even 3 TE sets and can’t run the ball, and we’re not really targeting them much in the passing game either. I expect that to change against this tough Minny D. Going to take a good day from our TEs to win, I think.

This just isn’t true and hasn’t been in damn near 10 years

The Lions have not a been team getting blown out by multiple scores in the 4th since 2010.

Its wild people still think this.

It was meant as a joke, but in 2018 heading into the 4th.

NYJ 48-17
SF 27-13
Sea 21-7
Min 17-6
Chi 34-10
Min 24-9

But I guess it isn’t true though and it’s wild people still think that.

But just a reminder this is 2019 not 2018. And the Lions offense is very different than last year with a different offensive coordinator. The Lions have led in the fourth quarter of all five games this year.

And once again, it was meant as a joke.
And it has a lot to do with their defense too.
Arizona 6
Chargers 10
Eagles 17
Chiefs 20
Packers 13

It’s hard to get blown out going into the 4th quarter with a defense that has been really good in the first 3 quarters.