Philosophically speaking

I like blitzing defenses.

While I want the Lions to be successful even if I don’t like the way they choose, I wish they would send the extra guy a hell of a lot more.

Don’t care if we get burnt a bit. I hate bend and don’t break only a little less than the prevent defense. I much prefer pushing the issue.

And I don’t like “blitzing” with an extra defender alot. I like sending different pass rush combinations at teams to confuse the pass blocking, but I like to keep the number of actual rushers at 4 (or even 3 sometimes). BUT, it all comes down to the opponent.

Fair enough. I don’t disagree with hiding where the pressure is coming from. I prefer to see a bit more than 3 and 4 going for the qb.

And I don’t mind playing the coverage scenario at times either, but prefer regular pressure so it is expected and it is a surprise to see 7 or 8 in coverage.

it seems also that it is about situational football, when where and why do you do it or not… very fluid imho…

I like the Defense, it’s somewhat vulnerable to being nickel and dimed but it forces Offenses to be methodical and sustain long drives and be mistake free . It depends on who you are playing and if you can frustrate the opposing QB into pushing the issue deep when a dump off is available .

My issue is they need to adapt , mix it up , and when you dont have a lead or you are down by any point total that will become a two score deficit late & allowing a QB to nickel and dime you into FG position and basically a win makes no sense.
This type of Defense and playing it consistently relies on you attacking early , building a lead and forcing teams to play catch up and make mistakes because the chunk plays should not be available .
When the talent could be a little better to pull it off and the refs do not fuck you on the regular it’s a stellar defensive plan . We did this well against Arizona and Greenbay only to blow it with chunk plays and the Refs doing us wrong .

Something is wrong when Cousins picks you apart , and he does it over and over again and you sit back and continue to allow it . That frail little bastard needed to have his caged rattled and get smacked down & a hurt put on him , instead he never once hit the floor . That shit can’t happen. It needs fixing fast