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That is a hell of a balanced article. Yes the Pack and Vikes are better but how much better? And…have the Lions improved enough to get back on track? This article really nails the situation. He calls the Lions spunky and I think that is appropriate.

When I look closely at the

NFL draft 2020 NFL draft within division I think the Lions improved themselves the most.

I like what the Vikes did with a WR and a CB in rd. 1 and then they grabbed a solid CB option in rd. 3 in Dantzler too. The Vikes had a shit load of picks with 15 total picks. The problem for them is many of those picks will not make the roster…which is a great problem to have. They went WR, VB, OT and then CB again in 2020 in the 1st 3 rounds. After that they had 3 4th rd. picks (all used on defense). In fact 6 out of their first 8 picks went towards defense. VERY interesting. In rd. 5 they actually drafted a 3rd CB. Are they going to field 3 rookie CBs in 2020?

The Packers didn’t have a huge 2020 draft. Not a lot that will help them immediately. Their 2nd rd. RN Dillon could be nice but they already ran well and Dillon is unlikely to be special in 2020.

The Bears had 2 2nd rd. picks and then 3 5th rd. picks. I lie their CB value in rd. 2 and they also grabbed a TE. Not a lot of help in 2020 for them.

The Lions grabbed a starting CB (Okudah), a starting RB (or key rotation back) noting our running game wasn’t very good so more talent there is nice, a key defensive edge piece in Okwara and a starting level OG in rd. 3. Outside maybe the Vikes that is the most divisional bang for the buck and I think we will get better draft return than the Vikes in year 1 of this draft. Everything last rd. 3 is even harder to speculate about so I will keep my quick look at draft days 1 and 2.

In the bad news department for the NFC North the Lions led all division teams with average games lost due to injury:

The Lions were 24th in injury games lost in 2019. I would add that Jarrad Davis was a real warrior playing through his high ankle sprain meaning if he say the Lions would have been lower on this list…AND whole we have questions about Jarrad clearly he wasn’t close to being healthy in 2019. Minnesota was the healthiest team in the league in 2019. The Packers and Bears were 10 spots higher than the Lions. That doesn’t bode well for those teams IF the Lions can get a little injury luck in 2020. I also think it worth noting the Lions drafted a TE, LBer and then a safety in rounds 1-3 and as a general thought those are not immediate impact positions year one for rookies. Now those players will all be rounding into their second year poised to have a higher impact than year one.

Austin Bryant is like getting an extra draft pick in 2020 too but I am not counting on him at all but he is going to make the roster and he didn’t see much of him at all in 2019.

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I like any article that shits on the bears


Depth and injuries are a major factor in how far a team can go. In this day and age where even average players can get $10 mil/yr, if too many of your top 10 or 15 players miss too many games then your forced to rely on scrubs and guys signed off the street. And if your starting QB goes down and you don’t have a decent backup then you are effed. OTOH, if you’re out of contention anyway then drafting 3rd is better than drafting 10th. But wherever you draft, you gotta hit on your picks or the best you can hope for is .500.

I’m a fan of any article that includes the phrase “ sorry, Bears fans.”


I thought the article felt fairly accurate. Without officiating help, GB drops drastically. They didn’t really win 13 games last year, IMO.

Vikings seem like the most stable pick to win the division…they would be the safe pick, IMO.

I feel like infusing matt, both from a leadership standpoint, as well as talent…then Swift…Shit is about to get very real. We will win some shoot-outs. Hoch will be a massive addiction.

While MyLions brings up the point that we were 24th in games lost to injury, that stat isn’t telling. When the entire DL is injured, and you literally have one starter and 3 scrubs for most games, or a starter (Flowers) some scrubs, and a gimp or two.

I like Detroit’s chances next year. 38% Vikings win division…35% chance for Detroit…27% chance for GB…Bears have the same chance of winning the NFCN as the Patriots do


How good would Bakhtiari really be without the holding? I’ve always wondered that. He’d still be a solid tackle but I think he’s in large part elite due to that one advantage.

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Flowers was kicking his ass up one side of the field and down the other. Officials refused to allow it.