Pittsburg vs Miami

Pittsburg is getting spanked by the worst team in the league!

Well at least I made a bit of $$ from this terrible game. What an awful matchup.


If things keep going like this, I expect some timely calls and no calls to help out the Steelers

Daaaamn - the opposite on that PI call.

No way would I have called that. Refs need to get out of the game.

We’d almost be better off with no refs

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Halftime talking about possible return of Mahommes - sure would be nice if he came back to play the vikings

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If anyone wants to know why I don’t like being overly aggressive with blitzes…pull that play up


Yup that one was senseless.

Brian Flores is losing his mind after they reversed that call. I’m sure this will completely change the fortunes of the Dolphins season. LOL

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Looks like you had 16 bets and 1 winner, nice job!

Yeah… no. Those 16 bets are futures… try again. Losers hate winners

Yep, live by the blitz, die by the blitz…but conversely, there’s plenty of sacks, int’s, and turnovers that can be shown while blitzing too…but that was a dumb call no matter how you slice it.

Philosophically I’m not a fan of giving up free big plays and free scores. I am of the old Tony Dungy mindset of making the other team earn it. For me personally, I like to send minimal “blitzes” but lots of different rush packages.

Its just going back to another thread about blitzing. “Why don’t you like blitzing?” A play like that is why I am not a fan. I realize it looks great when it works. But when you don’t get home, it can get ugly quick. Situationally I have zero idea why the Dolphins sent an all out blitz there, it made no sense.

I feel sorry for Fitz. Dude playing his heart out and the guys around him do shit like that last fumble

Miami is really bad and I still dont think they will complete the un-perfect season

I think to pull off the un-perfect season you have to have the refs against you. That’s why it was possible for the Lions and Browns to do it. Its also why I think the Bengals have a better chance of it than the Dolphins.


IDK. That Pittsburgh TD before half looked like a blatant tanking strategy to me.

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Yea, they are definitely giving it a shot LOL

Well, hopefully that 1 winner covered all your losing bets, Winner!

I wound up throwing $100 on Pittsburgh -7 (+100) toward the end of the third quarter when they were up by 4. Nice quick double up!

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