Play Money Ball at ROG?

I have been thinking the Lions sign either Glasgow back OR sign a top free agent (Thuney is a solid choice). But what if the Lions are thinking they can sign Wiggins back and draft a great prospect in rd. 2 of the draft? Just play ball there and use that to get an impact player.

I am thinking that the Lions can sign RB Melvin Gordon or CB Kyle Fuller for pretty close to the same $ for example.

I am thinking that sounds about right to me. Give me money ball at ROG using Wiggins and a draft pick and use the $ for a great RB option and/or a really solid defensive piece.

We know we have to replace Harrison already but I love me the idea of getting playmakers. Thoughts on money ball V. a free agent or Graham signing at ROG?

We know what Gordon brings to the NFL, we have watched him now 5 years. He only averaged 4.0 yards per carry, with 3.8 per carry last year. Only been over 1K yards 1 time. (and that year he only ran for 1105)

I don’t see him being what we are needing to make our running game better. (especially with the money he will be wanting)


Your overall thought is interesting
If you’re going to spend money, do not spend it on an average guard
Might make sense
The difference between Glasgow and a 2nd round OG may be good moneyball
Wiggins… can we get a better back up? :crazy_face:

Okla…Gordon is not the discussion. Pick whatever guy may be around what Glasgow or Thuney might make.

Could be a LBer, CB or RB…whatever.

I am smelling a moneyball approach here as to of rd. Sis a fine place to grab a solid guard that can play week one.

I thinks it’s bad idea, spead money on a RB, leave a hole in the online and the RB might not be any good if online fails and your QB will also take step back if it fails. Then u wanna use our 2nd Rd pic on a G. I would rather spend money on a good G and draft Say Taylor in the 2nd. Gordan is very avg and Taylor will probably be better day one. And now there no risk of it effecting the QB. Playing money ball on the online is not a good idea if u want to keep your QB healthy and u want room for that RB to run.

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Use the $ on a different position then!

Spend Graham’s $ on a CB then.

I am not pimping a free agent running back.

As Wiggins split time with Graham anyway sign Wiggins. You know a starting level guard will be there at the top of rd. 2.

This team is gonna score points of offense if we have a credible guard. But we need playmakers, esp. on defense.

Feel the online must be kept a top priority as already stated.

Poor line and that will negatively effect all the other players…


Still don’t agree did you watch last year, Stafford was getting killed why u think they sat him, season was over and we were not protecting him well. And wiggens rotating was part of the problem. Team might need play makers but not at expense of the online witch needs improved not money Ball. If wiggens is your start Stafford’s out by Thanksgiving again. Bad plan, I think u watch to much TV. Lols

Yep really bad place for the money ball aprouch, he might smell something but its not money ball. Lols

didn’t Snacks grade out at 88.8% ?

For the folks thinking this is a bad idea…you might be right. But the Lions decided to split time between Wiggins and Glasgow. That says to me the Lions don’t believe Graham is that much better. Might they be wrong? Yes. But they saw these guys every day and they made that decision. I am believing the Lions didn’t think one guys was that much better than the other. No way they play an inferior talent risking Stafford because they are playing some crazy hunch. The straight line is the Lions didn’t think one guy was clearly better.

Might the Lions go after an upgrade? Yep meaning I am wrong. Might the Lions also choose money ball here to get playmakers they need on defense? Yep.

Here is the snap count breakdown in 2019. Graham played roughly twice as much as Graham.

I am totally cool with Wiggins and a guard in round two. It looks like guard is pretty deep and chances are very, very good a viable starting level guard will be there early round two.

That really isn’t only playing $ ball as a second round investment in guard is a substantial draft investment. But it is also likely the Lions can get a really good and cheap young guard who is a viable starter.

Then use that $ to get this damn defense together.

Got 100 says we don’t take a G in Rd 2, and what G are u saying is worth our 2nd Rd pic ?

Maybe the reason they spilt snaps was because the season was over before it started, and Gasglow contract gonna be up, they tried Wiggins to see if he could be a starter. Witch anyone that watched would know it was a fail.

You could argue they already played Moneyball with Joe Dahl (and Wiggins really). Will they do it again?

TC, if you hit on the link I put above you can see the snap breakdown for the whole season and by player per game. It is a pretty cool web site with a bunch of great info. that is easy to find.

Week 4-8 Kenny played about 35-40% of guard snaps in those games. After week 8 they back off a bit on Kenny snaps:

Graham still led the way with roughly 80% of the snaps as Kenny rotated with Joe and with Graham. It is still a bit odd to do that.

There are some really solid guards in this draft. Hell, the Lions might even be able to get value in rd. 3 this season again. Thuney and Graham were round three picks. Solomon Kindley might be nice value at that point if he is still there for example. As rookies Graham and Thuney started with Graham starting 11 games and Joe starting 16 games. That is pretty sweet value. The Lions got a good look at Oday Aboushi too as he started and played every snap the last two games.

The team also got a good look at Tyrell Crosby too.

I am all about getting playmakers and if that means going cheap at OG I can get behind that.

I like Kindley might be plug play G. And my point on Wiggins is if u check the snaps he played he didn’t or wouldn’t grade out close to Glasgow. It was odd the whole rotation thing.
And I thought Oday played better then wiggens.

I brought this up in the Thuney/GG thread.

I think it’s unwise to play money ball on the OL. The Lions have one of the cheapest OL’s in the NFL and the cheapest OL in the NFCN. We don’t need to be cheap.

So that brings up GG. Why not just resign him then? If the answer was Wiggins then why wouldn’t we have resigned Wiggins by now? He’s not going to be a hot commodity in FA.

The fact that we’ve made no effort to resign GG, Wiggins or Aboushi suggests the Lions are looking to go in a new direction.

That means we’re going to address OG either via FA or the draft. Or both… My money is on FA for our starter and the draft for depth.

That’s why I believe we will target a starting caliber OG. My money is on Thuney.

Air, maybe I should have added to the title…Moneyball PLUS a High Draft Investment? Not just play it cheap and cross your fingers. Use a high second round pick to get a really solid guard.

A veteran fighting with a top rookie. The chances are really, really strong that a very solid guard WILL be there in rd. 2 and hell, maybe even in round 3 if history teaches us anything about the draft. Glasgow AND Thuney were rd. 3 picks in rd. 3 and each of those guys started 16 games as rookie. Maybe just Thuney but Graham started double digit games too. That is solid ROI.

I want this defense fixed. That means veterans added. If we can add 3 or 4 free agent starters for the defense but we turn to the draft to fill OG I am okay with that.

Who do you like at #35?

I personally think this OG draft class is mediocre. But the top of the class is rather weak. Meaning I doubt any OG goes before we pick. At #35 we’d have the pick of the litter. But I don’t think there’s one I like at 35. I think we would be over drafting and turning down the opportunity to get a first round caliber WR, DT, RB or OT. Just to take an OG we could get 15-20 picks later… 35 is too soon if you ask me.

Now at round 3 I think we will have a few options available to us that are worthy. I know GG was a 3rd rounder and we started him his rookie year but expecting a rookie 3rd rounder to compete at a quality level isn’t the smartest idea. Sure we could get lucky and hit gold but … More likely a recipe for disaster.

I guess we could take an OT at 35 and make him play OG a year and then bump him out to RT and draft another next year.

That is what the Patriots did with Thuney too (started a rookie at guard).

I am in favor of going after Thuney or re-signing Glasgow but I now see this as a “where do you want to spend the $ because we need playmakers” situation.

I don’t know what the Lions value in OL guys so I am not sure but when looking at lists, reading about guys and doing research it sure as hell seems like there are 3-5 guys between rd. 2 and 3 that might be able to make a run as a viable starter versus a marginal veteran.