Player I think worth long look OLB/Edge

Jordan Jenkins with Jets UFA PRO DAY RESULTS 25 yrs old

6’3" HEIGHT 259LBS. WEIGHT Big hands long arms 34 1/4" ARM LENGTH… 11 1/4" HANDS
40-yard dash: 4.77 seconds
Vertical: 38 inches
Broad jump: 10 feet, 3 inches
Short shuttle: 4.32 seconds
3-cone: 7.41 seconds


  • SOLO 100
  • SACK 20.5
  • FF 6
  • INT 0
    Have no seen much about him other than Giants have interest maybe he is gone not certain If not see what it would take i wonder why this guy is still around?
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Oooooo…Nice Height. Check!
Weight. Check!
Wow! Look at those arms and the SIZE of those hands!!!
Give me a health check and I’m swiping RIGHT on this one!!!

…(tap tap tap)…Is this mic on?..

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When you look at what positions the Lions targeted in FA I think it’s obvious that the Lions do not view DE/Edge as a big priority. So I’m not sure we would go after a player like Jenkins. My guess is a possible day two or later draft pick at most. This is why I believe the Lions could seriously pass on Chase Young.

However I do believe we need upgrades at LBer. Brandon Copeland is a FA also from the NYJ. A former Lion too. He was a LBer for us but played Edge for the NYJ. He had a 4 game suspension for PD’s but when he came back he played well.

However the guy I think we should target is Shelby Harris. I think he’d be a good fit too.

They already invested in flowers. They aren’t gonna hand out another massive contract to a guy like clowney or Griffin. If Chase is available, they should and better take him. I think they would.

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They’ve got money sitting there for some reason. Quinn may not even be around to spend anything saved for 2021. I indeed think there will be at least one more splash. It may come after the draft when teams are reshuffling to get under the cap. We have no JACK and we have Okwara at DE. Those are the two likely positions to fill whether that comes in the form of a FA, or trade, or draft pick, who knows. But I don’t think Quinn is saving anything for 2021 when it’s all said and done.

I disagree with that, I believe that Quinn will save money for next year just like he has since he has been here. I do not see any logical reason for him to change at this time. He is not like some of the idiots who throw everything they have available in hopes that it will give them another year. Then if they do they have no resources to use and generally things get worse. I see Quinn keeping his standard of 10 -15 million for possible moves during the season. Now if they is enough room for him to make a move that will not affect that carry over then I can see him making that move.

Other than the totally obvious logical reason of course:

In a meeting with a small group of local reporters, team owner Martha Ford, vice chair and daughter Sheila Ford Hamp and team president Rod Wood elaborated on the decision and expectations going forward.

“We expect to be a playoff contender and those are our expectations, which we’ve expressed to both Bob and to Matt,” Ford said.

I think that would be kind of foolish and Quinn does not strike me as a foolish man. IMO that would be the biggest mistake Quinn could make. He should trust his plan that he has been following to the end. If that is at the end of this season then so be it. Learn from the mistakes and get ready for you next chance. If it is years to come then so be it. I have seen too many times where someone tries to deviate from their plan and it makes things worst because they are acting against what they believe works. At this time i believe he should just stick with the plan he has been following and see what the end results are.

He took a TE in the top 10. He fired a winning HC to bring in his buddy who has created a toxic environment and continues to lose. His solution is to ship out most of his top shelf talent.

Personally I see a fool.


If that is your opinion i respect it, though i do not agree with it. I see the events differently.