Players I hope we return get these guys signed

Oday Aboushi Wiggins Kenny I am ok either one These guys give us back up depth

Mike Daniels Only if Snacks retires

|Tavon Wilson Maybe 2 year deal if need to

Muhlbach Don

I hope we can reach a Deal with Slay 2 or 3 year extension with opt out.

I want Glasgow But seems Lions don’t

You can save about $650K by replacing Mule with a rookie. He declined last season. He doesn’t have the same pop in the ball when snapping. It’s almost .1 of a second slower. It might not be noticeable by the untrained eye… but it was extremely noticeable to me. Take the cap savings and move on.

Wilson and Wiggins re sign. Would love Glasgow too but don’t see it.

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0.1 second was extremely noticeable to you


His contract will be just salary they should sign Mule an if some you guy out snaps him fine.

But he looked solid to me with my untrained eye .

The savings is nothing an I want him until he retires or is beaten out.

Still one of best in league .

Guess my untrained eye needs a tune up. See it more like 0.08


Where can you find training for snap time speed? Is there a class?

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Hahahaha you know something though, sometimes Iggy posts shit that is spot on . Mule is slipping…a long snap and it’s consistency is everything, a long snap takes all of .6 seconds if he does this every time it’s great , if he fluctuates or is in more of the .7 range it can throw everything off snap to snap … as trivial as it sounds it really does have merit …seeing it …no… but how close the traffic is or if the snaps are not spot on into the holders hand placement from pre snap …you can see it . Even the ball flight (rotation) can look off …1080p & 4K viewing help as well .

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Cliff Avril is the reason the Lions can’t improve year to year. He is the type of player who will not uphold a corporate effort. He wants everything right now.
The Lions had numerous things working against them. They had poor management, inconsistent and ever-changing coaches and a rookie pay scale that punished teams which were bad. Guys like Avril leaving just kept any improvement from ever happening. The fact they have to overpay to get players further inhibits development. It is supported by the league and their darling teams. It is supported by the league showcasing better teams, it is supported by public perception. It is supported by referees we know are biased, whether by ties to gambling or 60 years of ineptitude, they just feel we shouldn’t win. We have had good teams. Overcoming all of this and building a consistent winner is impossible. We have seen it. Cliff Avril is part of the reason why.
I can run off several hundred examples: I’ll trt just a few.

Cliff Avril was a nobody. Our coaches put him in a wide nine ideally suited to his skill set. They developed him. They offered to pay more than he accepted to keep him.

Ndamokung Suh. We offered as much as anyone. He was part of a number one defense. Lest we forget, his sister mouthpiece stated they couldn’t wait to get out of the city, a city they were not model citizens in, fleeing from the law and all, but I digress. This man who claimed to have ties to the city, we invested more and more in from the day we drafted him and he still stiffed us. Right or wrong this is what he did.

We lost Jeff Hartings over 500,000 then we dumped like 8 million on Damien Woody.

We lost Barry. I understand the frustration, but he wasn’t through, but he was. We lost Calvin, who wasn’t through but he was through with the Lions. The NFL played a role in that. We did, too. But if the NFL set those parameters, it is hard to escape them. For those of us old enough to remember NFL championships, well, we know

I loves me some me! How many botched snaps were there last year?

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Skip the almost.1 second it was actually .0975264284562135789 seconds. how could anyone miss that with the naked eye. So easy to see and time the difference from 2018 season.

Sorry I had to round up. I didn’t want to include all 15 digits past the 8.
The Mule is very accurate and that is a better component than .1 second. A low, high or wide snap hurt way more.


I think it’s time to add this.

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AIR, nice find. What were the terms? I didn’t see this anywhere but glad that is got done. I am sure it didn’t move the cap much. Sign him for 1M drop off a guy at $585,000 so like $415,000 of cap space. I don’t have a problem with this at all.