Playoff perspective

I went back and looked at WC qualifiers in the last ten years. We’re actually not in nearly as bad of shape as some here are suggesting IF historical trends are to hold.

In the last 10 seasons, 10-5-1 would have secured a WC 17 out of 20 times. 9-6-1 would have secured a WC spot 10 out of 20 times.

That’s the good news. The bad news is if you simply focus on the NFC over that time span those percentages drop to 80% and 30%.

Nonetheless, if we beat NYG, OAK, TB, WAS, DEN and two of @CHI, DAL, CHI, GB and @MN we are quite likely to make the playoffs based off of historical norms.

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Gotta be honest, I ain’t seeing them making the playoffs unless that defense get their shit together, and in one quick hurry too. They did it last year, maybe they’ll do it again.


The defense blew in the Minnesota game. I think it’s been decent otherwise. Need to defend the run better but we’re built to play this bend don’t break style. We broke a lot against the Vikings but otherwise we’ve been okay ok D IMO.

Quick, how many wild cards have gone to the Superbowl?
I’m not interested in the playoffs if we’re going to get ripped off in the first game, again.
Those who are not supposed to win, don’t.
Call it, “bad luck”.

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This is an older article from 2016 so the number may actually be higher but I’d have to do some research that I’m too lazy to do this morning :slight_smile: but it’s at least this many.

Since the wild - card round of the playoffs started in 1970, 10 wild - card teams have advanced to the Super Bowl . Six have won the Super Bowl – the Oakland Raiders (1980), Denver Broncos (1997), Baltimore Ravens (2000), Pittsburgh Steelers (2005), New York Giants (2007) and Green Bay Packers (2010).

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Look at the list. Those are NFL darlings.
The Steelers were gifted their last ring. Arizona won that game.
And let’s face it, it was Elways turn.

I think you are right.

One thing I’m beyond is simply making the playoffs. Squeaking in does nothing anymore for me.

I need to feel like they have a chance once they get there.

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The Lions are still needing 8-2 or 7-3 over the last 10 games. I would say that is difficult to do in the NFL, especially since they managed to win only 2 games over their first 6.

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I think five of them are very winnable. Not sure about the rest.

Obviously they have to play better. Left at least three and as many as 14 points on the field in that first half. They’ve been doing that most every game. That’s not going to cut it. If they clean it up a run is possible given their schedule. Can’t shoot themselves in their foot in the way that they have been.

You guys have to also remember that even if we go 8-2, if any of the five teams ahead of us do the same we still don’t qualify,

Mentioned it already this yr that we may have a double digit win team. It make it.

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Your scenario is possible but the odds are against it as I detailed in my initial post.

10-5-1 would put the Lions in a good spot.

I’ve given up on the idea that we’ll ever win a championship while I’m alive. I’ve only got 30-40 years left. At this point I’m just hoping we can win the division before I die.

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I’ll settle for like 8 WC appearances. 2 a decade until my death

Even if, and that’s a big if. This team isn’t a contender at all. Def is almost dead last vs the run and the pass.

That’s just the run and the pass. We are really good in defending other types of plays.


Yep. Been a few years like that for me too. I’ve completely accepted a championship isn’t possible. I have two wants, and I’ll be good; a playoff game at home, and one MF’ing playoff win. And if they happen at the same time, I’ll pretend like it was a super bowl and be content.
Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but I’m not.

It is a little insane that the closest feeling I’ve ever had to a Super Bowl win as a Lions fan was a Divisional home game in 1991.


That’s probably true but this passing attack is scary in a survive and advance format. Defense has to improve.

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I was being a dick but I meant most of what I wrote. If I live to be 80 that gives me 40 more years, and I have zero expectation that the Lions will win a Super Bowl in that time. I’m not sure if we will win a playoff game in that time, but I can hope to win the division once.


Math doesn’t lie… when used right!

10-5-1 can get us to a 76% chance of making the playoffs. But, it will only happen if other teams get key loses now.

We jumped bears, and cards for this week.

We went from 12th to 10th seed today.

But hawks won as well as Minny we gain nothing in the two WC seed from last week. Rams won today as well stating one game ahead of us.

So we are moving up the conference ladder but made no ground on the playoff seeds.

We must continue to win and like it or not, we must continuation hope for other teams to get beaten along the way

We can go undefeated right now for the rest of the season and if another team still ahead of us match’s our record, we are out …

We don’t control our destiny. But we do have a mathmatical chance if we keep winning …

Sucks but this is why the biggest thing in stop losing steals for more than two games - this 3 game slide coupled by GB and Minny and the hawks winning killed us. So far.

We need panthers and packers to lose today! Them next we must win and hope the five teams seeded 6-9 above us all get beaten!