Playoff race with AZI losing

We are now one game behind AZI for the last WC spot

We also have bears and bikes ahead of us as well… only due to tie breakers

All three of us in our own division habe 5 losses…

We must win this weekend imho to stay relavent and hope the vikes lose as the bears have thier bye this week.

We must win if bikes win as well to keep pace for one more week!!

The bikes better pedal hard!


Rams loss to tampa would be very nice too. We need to just go 1 wk at a time. Stay relevant for another week. Unfortunately that would also keep dumb and dumber safe. In the end I think we HAVE to go 5-2 (9-7) for a shot, but I really think the only way in is 6-1 (10-6)
And I’m not even faithful in thinking we can go 1-0 this wk

I see griffin as the X factor in our favor

One game and he is already number two on QB hits with five in one game!!

We may see a game Sunday with a decent d line showing up!!

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Damn. 9 games in. How freaking sad is this…

I see both sides brother!!

  • it is sad as it mean what did the rest of the team do this year.

  • but, props to the leadership and coaches to get this guy and he’s (abit inly one full game) paying big dividends already!! They saw a need and fixed it.

They should have seen the need last year. The solution in this staffs eyes was two big NT’s in Shelton and Penisini, No name Nick Williams and 7th rounder Jashon Cornell. The only real investments were Collins if they were going to blitz him a lot (they aren’t he has 1 sack in 9 games) and 3rd rounder Julian Okwara who they chose to sit when he was healthy and now he’s on IR. Back before we had 5 losses by November when guys like Golden, Griffin (the first time) Yannick N and Clowney were all available and in the 3rd round where all the rush DT’s went, we stood pat (though JJ was a very solid pick, just wish we had traded down and could have gotten both). BQ knew how putrid our pass rush was and did very little to fix it. Oh well, it will likely cost the staff their jobs and the next guys can do it.

if we can’t beat a team in our own division why even worry about a wc?

Because is a mathematically still a possibility for us to go 0-6 in the division but make the 7th seed… low percentage but still

I don’t care how we make it if we do…

Hindsight glasses are on…

5 games ago we still weren’t 100% if who we already was going work out and then add injuries… and the unknown…

Maybe griffin was asking too much the first time…

I’ll keep saying it; living in the past makes you resentment filled… learn from it and move on

They did with griffin even if we may say it was slower than we wanted…

For one game I am glad we had him!!