Playoff Running backs

After watching Cook, Henry, Micheals and Singletary in the playoffs I firmly believe the Lions need a running back. Especially after watching Henry and Cook create yardage out of nothing and slow the pass rush.

I like KJ but he’s no Cook or Henry and he’s an injury prone player.

I firmly believe the Lions need another RB. With the Lions Iosing so many games that they were leading in. It’s obvious that a better run game could have closed out several of those losses.

Henry, Hunt, Gordon, Hyde, Drake, Howard and more and all hitting free agency this year. I think the Lions should really look towards free agency.

Hunt being a RFA and his past history is likely not an option but Gordon who is coming off a hold and a subpar season could be the bargain that BQ love to acquire.

Henry is the guy I’d step up and pay for. He’s developed into a monster of a RB. Without him there’s no way TEN would have made the playoffs or beat NE. I just don’t see TEN letting him slip away. If he does hit free agency he’s going to draw a crazy big contract.

More than likely the Lions will be bargain shoppers as that’s usually BQ’s M.O. this years free agency is loaded with some aging vets too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we grabbed a veteran RB on a one year rental. Adding a veteran to our rotation could bring a lot a value in the locker room.

Shady McCoy or Lamar Miller maybe?

Or should they look to the draft?


I’m in, brother! My biggest wish is for a nasty DT, then RB/DE about equal. Definitely need a RB to make ppl pay, if they don’t honor the run, as well as honor play acton.

I agree with you. I’d like to add one caveat. I think he needs to be a game breaker rather than an jack of all trades master of none like Swift. Give me Dobbins, Taylor or Etienne at pick 35. I think any of those additions would change our team fairly dramatically.


Yep a true #1 RB, is high on my list, love Derrick Henry but ,doubt he makes to FA.

Wouldn’t mind Jordan. But really want Swift or Dobbins in the draft. Swift is said to be better then Jacobs but not quit on same level of Barkley or Elliot.

I think we have something started with KJ, Bo and MiKissic. I would love a elite RB but would like another pass rusher more.


100% agree. Henry is so good I’d probably franchise him. He’s like the Bus used to be. I’d use the 2nd rounder on the best RB available. Dobbins comes to mind. He’s both powerful and fast.

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My take on Dobbins is that he has quick feet, makes nice cuts, good speed and he is always falling forward. What I don’t see out of him is breaking tackles or guys bouncing off of him. Taylor, on the other hand, probably has similar long speed and is much harder to bring down. Doesn’t have the same quick feet as Dobbins and has more mileage.
Good chance at least one of these guys will be available in the 2nd. Possibly even 3rd.

Edit: I meant Swift not Taylor. Yes Taylor could fall to rd 2. Lots of miles on that body.
I didn’t mention D’Andre Swift because he’s a definite first rounder. Zero chance he falls to Detroit.

I’d love to get someone like that Singletary dude in Buffalo. Tough and slippery, with nice speed too.

I think there will be either Dobbins or Taylor available at the top of the 2nd round. I really want to trade down so we can pick one of those two up, and still have 3 high picks in the first 3 rounds. TD w Miami for 5 and their 2nd rounder puts us in a nice position IMO.

I’d definitely re-sign Scarborough. He shouldn’t cost a lot, but it’s good to have that big body back when you need it in short yardage, or to grind out a 4 minute offense when you are ahead. Not sure about Bawden (who I had high hopes for) for 2020. We could go more hybrid to save a roster spot with Nauta who could flex to FB/TE, or it wouldn’t surprise me if we get a true FB somewhere to compete with Bawden. So anyway here’s what that would look like:

J. Taylor
Bawden/ Nauta / Replacement at FB

I like it.

Here you go man…

5’11 219

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Too many fumbles, might drop him to the third.

I like it! Love tough guys w/breakaway speed. Hope to see one in Detroit next year.

The Lions need a RB and I would suggest possibly adding T Conklin and letting Walker go. If RB Taylor lasts until the 2nd round he would be a great addition. FA is only good if a RB comes reasonably. Guys are rarely bargains in FA unless they are 3rd down types.

Spending resources on RBs isn’t the best idea. None of the top 4 teams have a RB drafted before the 3rd. All analytics point to RBs not mattering at all INCLUDING Cook today who made little difference. QBs are the difference makers.

I really like Etienne. The Lions really lack a home run hitter and Etienne is exactly that. How can you not like a RB who gets a 1st down almost every time he touches the football?

Problem is that I doubt he makes it to us. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the 2nd RB taken.

Lack of a running game makes it extremely difficult on an offense against top defenses. There are a lot of quality RB’s that were picked mid rounds as the position has been devalued lately, but Tennessee wouldn’t be there without Henry. NO wouldn’t have made it without Kamara or Mini with Cook, SF with their running game.

Running game is the biggest issue and a top RB talent wherever he comes from can keep a top defense honest. If a top Defense can just play the pass you need exceptional WR talent which the Lions do not have.

How many RBs are you expecting to get drafted in the first round?

2 maybe 3

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I would expect 0-1. RB’s typically fall on draft day and there will be several RB options in FA. It usually depends on how deep the position is in the draft. Teams will use a 1st rounder if they see a unique talent or that they have to get a quality starter and the draft is only 3 or 4 deep with a significant drop off. If there is likely to be a quality option in the 2nd or 3rd round teams will opt to address more difficult positions.