Playoffs? Are they still a possibility?


I’ll be able to answer this question at about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.


I think we need to sweep the division to make it. I don’t see that happening. The Vikings are looking very tough with Thielen and Diggs. Cousins confidence is growing each week as their chemistry is getting better. Their defense always gives us fits so I see us falling short to the Vikings on the road.


This. If we lose to Minnesota, and especially if we lose without showing much fight, it’s time to pack up for the year.


The Lions have quite a gauntlet the next 5 games, they have to win 3 or 4 of these next 5, which I don’t think they will. They could surprise me and I hope it starts this weekend since I will be at the game in Minnesota.


They are mathematically but I don’t see us going 7-2 down the stretch. This team is just way to inconsistent especially on offense which has been a disappointment.


That’s my concern too… the inconsistency. We could win Sunday and jump the Bears but I still wouldn’t be sold. I want to see them play more consistent.


I wouldn’t be shocked to see them beat the Vikings to get us sucked in and lose to the Bears. It’s what this team does.


This would be a classic Lions move. Or then winning 5 in a row after that and going into Green Bay with the division on the line and the Pack having nothing to play for a the Lions crap the bed.


One thing to remember is all 4 NFCN teams have a gauntlet to run through right now. GBs stretch of 4 games now is a huge pisser and it doesn’t include us. @ NE vs MIA @SEA Thursday, @MIN…ouch. After that it’s vs ARZ, vs ATL @Bears @ Jets vs Us

Bears still have us twice, Vikes twice and Rams and GB. That said the other 2 games are pretty easy, so we have to sweep them.

Minny still has in order, vs Us, @Bears vs GB @Patriots @SEA, vs MIA @Us vs Bears.

Basically we have a near identical schedule to the Bears, Green Bay has an easier one than us but is hitting the hard stretch now and Minny doesnt have a breather game left and is hitting the hard stretch like us and GB are now too…


If we were playing the Browns you’d know by 4:45 instead of 4:30


This Oline better figure shot out quick if we want to beat the Bears once. Much less twice


Short answer, No. Long answer, Nope.