The best time of the football year. Make your predictions here. Who is everyone rooting for? I have a nice sized bet on the Chiefs to win the AFC at 5.5 -1 I made a few weeks ago. Was thrilled to see them get the bye. I will be rooting for the Bills as well in the AFC, I have no $$ on them though.

NFC: Seattle at Philly. I will take Philly. Seattle is fraudulent and I’ve been saying it for a few weeks. They can’t get after the QB, Carroll is a bad in game coach, and they don’t have a ton of weapons. Wilson is a top QB, but Jim Schwartz defense is playing unreal, especially at home. Wentz is also a good QB, Pederson is a better coach than Pete Carroll and Philly is at home.

Vikings at Saints- Saints. Mike Zimmer is a dinosaur and Kirk has a lot to prove. Saints at home and I see little chance for an upset here. I have very little respect for Zimmer.

Philly at SF- I will take SF in this spot. I am not 100% buying what SF is selling… but they beat a depleted Philly team here. Jimmy G is JAG, their defense is a bit leaky right now and SF has proven little… although they are very battle tested this year. All the analytics point to SF winning the NFC. IF Seattle wins at Philly I could see Seattle pulling off a win at SF.

Saints at GB- I will take the Saints, but this game is a tough call. I think the winner of this game wins the NFC. GB not an easy place to play, and their defense is for real. They can get after the passer very well and Rodgers can get hot. Not sold on LaFleur. Saints have the better coach, and better offense. I worry about Brees playing in the cold/ windy conditions. He is an indoor QB and Lambeau presents tough conditions. I am hesitant to take Saints in this spot and am almost talking myself out of it when posting this. But I will still take them.

New Orleans at SF- New Orleans. SF is not an overly difficult place to play, and the Saints will be fine to win in decent conditions. Saints have the better QB, Coach and Kicker. I would take Green Bay over SF here as well.

NFC Champs: New Orleans Saints

AFC: Titans at Pats. I will take the Pats here. They still have a tremendous defense and rank higher in overall DVOA than last year. Titans are not an easy out… but the home field advantage and NE defense is too much to overcome. I do not expect a blowout here and I expect the Titans to stick around for most of the game.

Bills at Texans- Texans. They have playoff experience, Watson is the real deal, and they have weapons on offense and are loaded with DBs. The Bills are on the right track, and this should be a close game but I think Texans win here.

Texans at Ravens- Ravens. Everything points to a Baltimore SB this year. They will obviously be too much for either the Texans or the Bills, especially coming off the bye. Ravens very good on both sides of the ball, Harbaugh will not make any in game mistakes and they have the best kicker in the league.

Pats at KC- KC healthy, coming off the bye, peaking at the right time. Way too much firepower for the Chiefs. Pats don’t have enough to keep up. The Chiefs will hammer the Pats in this spot and it could get ugly. I don’t expect a classic like last year. Chiefs easy. Another easy game to predict like the Baltimore game.

Chiefs at Ravens- Chiefs. This is their year. They’ve been close in previous years, and this is the year they get over that hump. Mahomes is the best QB in the league and KC has too much fire power. Lamar deserves credit for a great season. But I flat out do not like the way he throws the ball, and I can’t get the image out of my head how bad he was in last years playoffs. I trust Mahomes in this situation to make the critical plays over Lamar. Chiefs were not as hyped mid year like usual. It reminds me of the Washington Capitals a couple of years ago in the NHL, when they didn’t get much hype for the first time in forever, but they quietly had a great year and then got over the hump in the playoffs. I’m just getting that vibe with the Chiefs.

SB Saints Chiefs- give me the Chiefs. Again too much firepower and they are a better team than any NFC team. Good guy Andy Reid finally does it.

49ers and Saints strike me as teams ready to go deep.

I see the AFC as quite wide open; wouldn’t be surprised if any team other than the Texans made a run to the big game. Ultimately, though, I think Andy Reid’s postseason misery continues; no Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

I put a little money down on the Titans and Seahawks, just because the odds were so enticing and I see them as balanced teams that have it in them to make a run.

I hope it’s KC/ Balt. That would be a great match up. Two teams peeking at the right time.

Wild card winners… Houston, Tenn, Seattle and New Orleans…

Divisional…Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore and KC

Conference…New Orleans and Baltimore

Champs…Baltimore…They been the best team all year and win it all!

I think the Niners win it all this season.

Thinking Ravens over Saints.

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Would like to see Seattle win, think they will.

Would like to see Saints win, think they will
Only way GB wins anything is with officiating help. I think the Saints come out of the NFC.

Want Pats to win, think they will.

Want Bills to win, think they will.
Such a tough call to see who comes out of the AFC.
Chiefs, Pats, Baltimore all have very good chance. Going to be fun to watch. I’d like to see Buffalo come out of it, but don’t think they’re ready.

Patriots will probably surprise everyone…again. LOL.

Minny will lose because they have Stafford Light at QB. Cousins never wins when it matters.

Seattle will win for the opposite reason. Their QB wins a lot of big games.

Seems like this is the year the Pats fizzle out and end their dynasty. Although if they somehow do it again, it will be Belichicks best coaching of his career, which is really saying something.

Green Bay will get exposed.

Since I believe in conspiracies, I will say New Orleans gets to the SB as redemption for last years playoff debacle. Chiefs will represent the AFC because Patty Mahomes is the NFLs new golden child. Saints win a shootout.

If MN had Stafford light, they’d win the SB.

Mathew is a big, hairy, American, winning-machine!

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No they wouldn’t.

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Stafford and Cousins are damn near clones.

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Would! …Infinity!

Love it! Literally chuckled! Thank you, for that!

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Thank you, brother. I appreciate your approval. I usually lose sleep over what a bunch of guys with fake internet names say about NFL players.
:slight_smile: This shit is not that serious, holmes.

Happy New Year, Toph!


I was more referring to your odd fantasies of a hairy Matt Stafford winning super bowls with other teams while your own teams finishes in the cellar once again.

Like I said, whatever helps you stay a lions fan at the end of the day.

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He loves to play make believe.

That would make Stafford more of a “bear” than a Lion…ifyaknowhatimean


Anyone besides. 49ers, Green Bay, and New England.

That was your takeaway? That I fantasize about Matt winning w/MN? My fantasy is Matt winning here. If you consider that odd, then why are you here?

Not at all what you said. What keeps you a Lions fan, brother? I’d love to know.

I’d also point out that you are no better than anyone here, and your opinions, fantasies, etc don’t make you superior in any way, as your condescending tone suggests you believe. :wink:

Happy New Year, dude. Lighten up. This shit is not that serious.

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What story are you telling yourself right now?
What would you have to believe to make that assumption?
What are you presupposing about other posters?
Do you really believe that?
We all project outwardly how we really feel about ourselves. What triggers you here? You are a MASSIVE deflector, brother. You have zero self-awareness and just spew emotions all over the board.

Let me guess…“this is a football board.” LOL. That’s your response, when shit starts to get real and vulnerable. Step up, dude! you can do it!

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