Please Be True!

I am loving this rumor! Maybe we could still trade down with the Chargers again to #6.


I am hearing from
multiple sources Miami is looking to move up to #3. Specultion suggest
it could be for OT, maybe Andrew Thomas out of Georgia. Then Jeff
Okudah from Ohio State goes to Detroit at 5, and Tua Tagovailoa to
Chargers. #NFLDraft

Julie Donaldson (@JDonaldsonNBCS) April
21, 2020

Another rumor I cannot understand.

Why would Miami feel the need to trade up to get a guy who will be there at #5 anyway? Feeling charitable?

I see no scenario where they wouldn’t get Thomas at 5.


Giants are dumb, but not dumb enough to pass on Simmons.

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That’s what I’ve been asking for weeks now.

I can’t understand why anyone would want to trade up with the Lions unless they want to leap the Giants for an offensive tackle.

I think OT’s will go higher than people think. They usually do. Not sure why that would change this year.

I think the Lions might also be considering an OT themselves.


you mean Simmons who can only run straight lines and speak cave man, can’t cover, can’t blitz, and is a LB sinking faster than the Titanic around here lately !? THAT Simmons? :japanese_goblin:

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Umm. Huh?

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I don’t think Simmons belongs in Detroit because they’d probably want to put him in the middle where he’d be less effective than another team that’d move him around a bit.

Not sure where you heard he can only run straight lines, speak cave man, can’t cover, can’t blitz and is sinking, but whoever told you that might want to watch his film again. Simmons excelled at all of those things at Clemson.

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Miami could also want to trade up out of fear Detroit or NYG could trade back with another team to leapfrog Miami at 5 to take their desired LT.

And it’s not out of the question that Detroit and NYG could both go OT’s as well. Does Miami want the 3rd best OT with the 5OA pick?

lol , I was going off “What The Scouts Say About Simmons” thread…and being a smart ass…in this thread.

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Aaah, got it. I was going to say - someone is heavily misinformed lol.

So.Much.Smoke at 48 hours out…


Under the alleged 2020 trade value chart, which is here:

A deal might look like this:

Nos. 3 & 85


Nos. 5, 39 & 173

I think Giants are very much in play for an OT. Just not sure there is enough of a difference between Thomas, Willis and Wirfs to warrant a trade up. For a QB I can see it, not an OT in an OT heavy draft.


I’ve seen Thomas ranked as low as the 4th best OT in this draft. Wirfs, Willis, Behkton and Thomas, either one could be the 1st OT taken.

Simmons is a do it all OLB which is nice, but not the no brainer some believe because he ran a really fast 40 and played a lot of spots in college. NYG is in bad need of Oline talent to protect their new franchise QB. I don’t think there is a clear cut #1 OT, flip a coin between Wills, Wirfs, Becton and Thomas. I can see any of those 4 going to NYG at 4, or any of those 4 falling to the 20s. Just depends on how the dominoes fall.

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The Giants are rumored to love Thomas so it’s not that crazy.

I’d try and sell pick 5 as well then. Or at least fake it enough that the Charger blink.

Get 37, 39 and Okudah or Brown at 6.

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At this point I’ll take whatever extra picks I can get. BQ is gonna draft DT Derrick Brown over both Okudah and Simmons wether he’s stays at 3OA or not. I have zero faith in this GM and he’s gonna show us all why Thursday night.

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An extra second round pick from Miami or the Chargers, I’m not greedy.


We really can’t predict scheme this upcoming season: new DC. He will have some level of influence come game day… hoping for good things!!


I don’t think Patricia is even thinking about a scheme change unfortunately. I wish he would because his scheme is a joke, IMO

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With a reduced offseason and all the exPats I don’t see much changing.

Those guys were brought in because they knew the scheme, not because they are learning a new one

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