Plot Twist: Brady vs Belichick

  1. Tom Brady signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  2. Ron Rivera drafts Tua Tagovailoa with the #2 overall pick (I see you 2019 Arizona Cardinals).
  3. After Free Agency and the Draft the New England Patriots, in need of a QB, make a Josh Rosen like trade with the Redskins for D.Haskins. Just like Rosen, Haskins finds himself with a new coach and and a 1rst round QB teammate (Tua). Miami sent a 2nd and a future 5th to Arizona for Rosen. Belichick, in similar fashion, sends a 2nd rd pick and a future pick to Washington for the young 1rst round QB Haskins.
  4. Haskins and the Patriots shock the NFL with a miraculous Super Bowl run in 2020.
  5. Tom Brady wins MVP in Tampa Bay and leads the 14-3 Buccaneers to the Super Bowl.

Belichick vs Brady in Super Bowl LV (55)

…Oh…and the games in Tampa Bay (2-7-2021)

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And with the 3rd overall pick:

The Detroit Lions select, Chase Young DE Ohio St.

(The Den goes crazy!)

Flash forward to 2030 NFL season…

Headline reads: “Future HOF Chase Young retires! Joins Barry and Calvin as Lombardi-less Legends”

Belichick is tanking and rebuilding. No way he lets Brady rain on his GOAT coach parade.

He let a third of defense go along with Brady. He’ll start over and probably be back in the SB in a couple of years.

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I want to down vote my own post.

That Chase young thought made me feel dizzy and sick. I haven’t had that feeling since that Saturday afternoon when Millen drafted Mike Williams…ugh…

I need some happy thoughts…(youtub’ing Joey Harrington Highlights)

14-3? Must be beyond this season?

Meant 14-2?

Well, it could be in a future NFL season…sure why not?

Or the most likely possibility…(cough)…probability…is I carry half Neanderthal DNA causing a slight decline in the overall performance of my…what was I talking about?

I stand corrected.

But if I may just for this one correction?..

Let’s just go all out and say Brady and and the Buccaneers sweep the regular season at 16-0 on his way to the MVP.

Lol, I brought it up because I’m not ready for 17 regular season games… Glad we get one more shot to win it all with a 16 game season.

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What if Drew Bledsoe would have slid? Gone out of bounds?

He to wicked hod hit ova der!

Who knew that would turn into 6 Super Bowls?

History is crazy…It’s hard to bet against Brady or Belichick after watching what they’ve done over the last 20 years. It would be the most watched Super Bowl of all-time.