Poll...Are you "for" or "against" drafting Okudah at #3 overall?

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  • Against!

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If we’re building for the future, I got only a little problem, and could live with it. Since I believe we must win now, we should look at impact right away, and therefore I have a big problem with.

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I think you need to qualify it but if Young is gone and there isn’t a legitimate trade down scenario I would take him.


Great point. If there’s no TD option available, I can see where he could be considered BPA. But in that case, I’d highly consider drafting Tua and seeing if anyone is serious now


I voted against, because I am for trading down, regardless of who is there, Young included. This team needs multiple quality players and not one ‘potential’ world beater. That being said, if they could not trade down, I wouldn’t be against drafting Okudah as compared to anybody else left on the board.

I’m against any DB in the first, it’s just bad value as there are many available in FA every year and they usually take time to develop. I’d rather take an OT if CY is gone, much better value.


Yup - must set those conidtions.

Yeah, I voted no only bc I want to take him at 5 and I believe that if WAS doesn’t do so first then we’ll have a deal with Miami.

But barring injury, he’s going to be really good. Great feet, long wingspan, playable speed, stocky as can be, sure tackler that can also lay the wood. Most importantly (and rare for a CB) he has a great attitude. Sure, not a lot of picks and some say his grabby but he never got called for being grabby and he wasn’t dropping picks. His hands are fine. OSU pipeline. They supposedly think he’s the best one yet.

So he checks every single box except NFL refs might disagree with college refs as far as what constitutes a hold and he should have had more interceptions.

If those are the only two negatives when trying to analyze whether a guy can be a shutdown corner then that’s pretty good.

If we pick him at three I’ll get over it. All Pro level player. I’m pretty confident about that. I just think we can get him and something.

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How can that be? I was told the complete opposite by someone who claims he “watches football”

It’s not with a trade down, the question is merely if you’d be cool with us drafting Okudah with the #3 overall pick.

The results are a lot closer than I thought they’d be.

I’ll bet you Okudah ends up more of a bust than an elite player. Guys who are drafted #3 overall need to be All-Pro and hall of fame type players. Okudah wasn’t even the top 3 player on his own team, let alone in the entire draft.

I recommend you watch OSU film, look at the garbage QBs and mediocre WRs they faced, and how much Okudah still had to clutch and grab. Plus, having the best pass rusher in the country, sure helps a CB look good, when he only has to cover average WRs for 1 second before tackling them with the ball in the air.

You said there’s no way he’ll ever be anywhere near as good as Slay, so…what’s the standard? In 7 years, if he averages 2-3 picks, mid teens in passes defended, about 50% completion rating, gives up 4-5 TDs a year and he’s made 2 or 3 pro bowls, I’d say that’s close to Slay. We shall see

I wish the poll showed who voted what. That way we could point and laugh at those who are wrong.

I stand by that comment. Slay is a true NFL CB with great cover skills. Okudah is a grabber and holder. Slays hips are off the chart. Okudah just got away with playing against sub part QBs and WRs.

If Okudah had to play in the Big 12 or Pac 12 or some other conference that actually has QBs and NFL WRs he had to cover, he would have gotten exposed. His team played an absolute terrible regular season schedule and faced zero good QBs and very few upper end WRs. Pretty easy to look good when you are holding and grabbing mediocre Wrs and have weak armed QBs tossing softballs at you all season, while Chase Young does all the dirty work and disruption for you.

Teez Tabor would have looked like Deion back there.

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Oh man, your nyuk nyuk / post ratio may be the highest on the board

He’s been that way since birth. No way he changes now.


Agree with GG19’s post completely. DB’s are typically a bad value high in the first. The slow development and high flame out ratio is disconcerting.

Trade down and go with a DT/Edge that dominated against top competition. An OT that was dominant against top level competition would also be reasonable.

Same rationale for a high 2nd. We do not need any more Teez Tabor, Alex Carter, Ameeer Abdullah garbage picks.

Absolutely this X 10000.

No CB is worth a top 3 pick. Especially not Okudah.

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The future under this GM and this Coach is about 7 to 8 months and the next build for the future plan will begin with a new cast of jokers.

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