Poll: Where do you think Rudy has hid his passport?

My vote is that he forgot it’s in his back pocket.

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I think Trump is playing chess.
When these two are found not guilty, impeachment is much less likely.
See, if they weren’t intentionally in violation of campaign finance law, they are not guilty. Proving they intended to violate the law will be damn near impossible, especially given that they received no monetary compensation and were infact, conducting an investigation.
I think it was Barr, Gulliani, and Sekulos brainstorm.

Underneath Nellie Ohr’s ham radio rig?

Underneath his MAGA hat. I see him in line here.

Massive line for the Trump rally and there seems to be a constant flow of people joining. pic.twitter.com/Q5wrMOkjQH

— Tony Webster (@webster) October 10, 2019

I wish more people understood why that joke is funny and not funny at the same time :joy::see_no_evil:


Believing there is any intellect happening in the Trump Administration is a huge sign of gullibility and denial.

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Check your backside, not much room with your head up there but they’d never think to look there.

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You talking to Rudy, or? Not sure, because you didn’t reply to anyone. Just a weird random off topic post.