Possible London game in 2020

Something to talk about …

I don’t like them at all but that’s me.


Hmm. I have to say, while being a Lions fan has been like what I imagine waterboarding is like, I did have fun the last 2 times we played overseas. My local restaurant set up a bloody mary bar and prime rib buffet at 8:30 am and a group of us went both years. Something different.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t this be the 3rd straight time we went and didn’t have to give up a home game? Martha must be doing something right to get that over on the league, because she sure runs her team like crap.

On her away game deal, I don’t know but nice catch as I love it!!

Keep our home games!!


Of course it’s the Atlanta game, where I am only an hour from the stadium…figures.

It’s probably because we always qualify for Hard Knocks but no one wants to put us in there to crash their ratings…

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I’m at the point now that I don’t give a shit…

Hugs brother… lots of man hugs!!

Love the early starts. Totally fine with it.

:rofl: too true!

I was on a project in Atlanta, and the owners of the construction company were both former DBs from the Falcons. They said I could sit in their box seats any game I wanted…ended up being a year when we played the Falcons in Europe…DAAAAAMN IT!

Scott Case and Tom Pridemore

Thought I caught an awesome break, for a second there.

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Interesting that 2020 is the last contractual year on the current deal for the NFL to play in London. Could we be seeing the Jaguars become the London Silly Nannies in 2021?

I’m curious where this is?

I’m partial to the London Brexiteers, but would settle for the London If We Have Free Healthcare Why Is Everyone’s Teeth So Jacked Up?

Probably won’t fit on a jersey though…