Post FA Mock

Post FA Lions Mock

Round 1: Lions trade #3 to Dolphins for #5 and #26
#5: CB Jeffrey Okudah
#26: RB Jonathan Taylor

Round 2:
#35: DE AJ Epenesa

Round 3:
#67: DT Neville Gallimore
#85: OG Tyler Biadasz

Round 4:
109: OLB Anfernee Jennings

Round 5:
#149: WR Tyler Johnson
#166: ILB Shaq Quarterman

Round 6:
#182: CB Lavert Hill

Round 7:
#235: OT Drew Richmond

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Steal of the century.

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I’m not educated enough to know if it’s reasonable, or who the picks beyond rd 2 are, but I love the looks of the 5, 26, & 35 in this.

My greedier self would love to see something similar, replacing Okudah with either Brown or Jeudy (starting to warm up to Jeudy even more), plus one of the 2nd round RBs, OL, DL (most impactful player)

Good chance Gallimore is a 1st rounder. Same with Espenesa, though at 35 obviously someone can slide. Is be happy with either at 35. In fact I’d likely pass on Taylor in the 1st to assure that I got one.

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I like it alot of good players

I think the sooner we accept that Okudah at #3OA is the best we will do, the better. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press won’t move off of it and I’ve consigned that it’s about the only thing we can control at this point.

Basically, don’t get our hopes up that Young is there at 3 or that anyone wants to trade to move up. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

I’ve been looking forward to his arrival since Bowl season.

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No Johnson will be. Dude is a play maker. Hill won’t get away with holding in the NFL.

He is a special talent…

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Trade with the Dolphins who are in a bidding war with the Chargers for Tua which ends up with the Lions getting #5 and #26.

#5…Tristan Wirfs OL
#26…AJ Terrell JR CB
#35…AJ Epenesa DE
#67…KJ Hill WR
#85…Zach Moss RB
#109…Ben Bredsen…OL