Post first round scenario

I know the Okudah v Young debate has been discussed a lot lately. I am on record saying Young by a HUGE margin, but others think it’s fine to take Jeffy O.

Here’s my question to the board. Say Quinn does take Jeff Okudah. At that moment, what does our starting secondary look like? I mean, wouldn’t we have a surplus of defensive backs, while still having the worst defensive line in the NFL with no pass rush whatsoever?

Like we have Coleman, Trufant and then Okudah. They aren’t all going to be on the field at the same time, most likely, so which of those 3 are we wasting a huge investment on?

We then would have guys like Amari, Ford, Agnew, Virgin, etc.

Maybe I am messing up the depth chart a bit, but it makes me wonder, if we would draft Okudah at #3 to only see him on the field for 20% of the snaps in 2020, where Chase Young (at a position of much bigger need and value) would likely start snap 1 and play the majority of the season’s snaps.

How do you see the secondary depth chart shaking out?


Completely agree. I feel like, if we get stuck at three - they will take Chase, if he’s available. Okudah or an OT, if he’s not.

Boosting the DL impacts the team much more than another DB that will have to cover for 20 seconds at a time. If QBs are going through reads 2-3 times, it’s not going to end well.

I totally get the idea of flat outscoring ppl.

This means nothing, as it is pre-draft, but here’s how I see it so far…

DL should be at least slightly improved on health alone.
LBs already upgraded.
DBs slight step backward.

I feel the D will go from absolute bottom, to 25-ish range, if we didn’t acquire another guy. Hoping the new DC can make that a different story.

QB- Massive upgrade, in getting Mathew back
RB - should be slight upgrade, just on health, and having Bo for the season, but I’m convinced we draft a good one…if we don’t - not looking good
WR - Even with last season (that’s not a bad thing)
TE - Much better on health alone, as well as another year experience for Hoch, who I think will be a really good one
OL - Step backward, so far, but I expect a starter out of the first 3 rounds…again, if not, it won’t be good

All things considered, as far as O goes, it will be dramaticallyimproved, because Mathew matters that much. Also - the most important guy on our offense is named Bevell.

Depending on the draft, our D could still end up a hot mess, though probably not as hot a mess as last year. Lots of x-factors here.

While it’s fun to talk about, none of this means anything until after the draft.

I feel the O can take us to damn near .500. If the D shows up at all, (17 ranking, or so), we could win 10 games.


Okudah, Trufant, Coleman
Oruwarlye, McRae, Ford
Agnew at ST

We’re not bubbling over with talent. The only one we bumped is Michael Jackson at this point.

Seems like a marginal improvement if any. I would actually think Amari would be further along and more dependable than a handsy rookie CB that has faced mostly bad QBs and WRs in his college career.

Young can step in and play game 1. Not many rookie CBs can do that, and Okudah is not on the level of a Chuck Woodson. Not even in the same stratosphere.

I don’t think we have a chance in hell of getting Chase Young which is why I think we’ll end up with Okudah. Give me the former any day of the week if they’re both available, I just don’t think they will be.

Who do you take at 3 when Young is not available and no trade down?

Tua, without question. Last October most of this board was in tank for Tua mode. Yes, he got injured, but the talent is still there. He was #1 on almost every board prior to that injury. If his meds check out, getting him at #3 could be an enormous get for us for the next 15+ years.

Brother I have to disagree…

I really love a lot of what you bring to the football board - except your laserbeam of dislike towards Matt.

I accept it, but I can’t agree here.

So, let’s take any QB out of the process and the who do you take at three?

I’m curious as I said because I like what you go to say outside the QB position.

Thanks :blush:

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And why can’t the freak injury sway those “most”’s to a different opinion?

So your saying gamble on not just ability as a pro but medically an then it could be a enormous get. Against taking a medically fit top rated by most CB, OT, DT …Just so I understand what you want at #3

Young or Simmons. The End.

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Yes. I will stand by this, no matter what. A gamble is taking the 2nd best Iowa Tight End #8 overall. A gamble is taking a garbage LB #21 overall. A gamble is taking a mediocre tackle like #15 overall. A gamble is taking Teez Tabor…period. A gamble is taking a slow mediocre LB from Hawaii in the upper 2nd round.

A gamble is not taking the best prospect 5 months ago #3 overall.

Hey! I thought Simmons was a LB?
Just kidding, I knew what you meant

There you go ranting about past like Lions only team ever missed a pick. You can’t even talk now you have to rant about past like your rants make it better
. You have no idea about the TE Zero none Your a Hind Looker always right looking back .
Now we know why you seldom right except when you complain about past.

But that’s you so good luck looking back Safe way to be never right but never wrong always some other ones mistake Nice Safe Place You Have

So in the world of “most likely scenarios” your pick is Simmons.

Cool. Not sure why there is a need to continually argue about “least likely scenarios”.

C’mon, man. In order to improve, you need to learn from mistakes. That goes beyond football. Bob Quinn constantly reaches for almost every draft pick. Most people with brain cells hated the Hock pick at #8. Most people in the world hated the Tabor pick. Most shook their head with the Tavai pick. Most were not happy with the Davis pick… Most were right about all of those.

In the first round, especially when drafting in the top 10, you need to find an elite player. Bob Quinn has drafted none in his life. If Young is gone, Tua fits that bill. Or at least he did a few months ago.

I just think fans over react with an injury. Tank for Tua, tank for Tua, tank for Tua. Oh, he got hurt in a football game? Don’t touch him!!! Meanwhile, we have a 32 year old Stafford who is coming off broken bones in his back for the 2nd straight year, and nobody seems concerned that he will have any lingering issues. Lol. Pure comedy.

I would completely disagree about Quinn reaching on most of his picks. In fact I would say that for most of his picks that people said that he reached, first there is no proof that he reached unless you are looking at a NFL big board and not one created by the media/fans. second most of those players have turned in to decent or better NFL players.

I do not remember that many actual NFL talent evaluaters against the Hock pick, again this is something done by fans. Not to mention that it is way to early in Hock’s career to even have a reliable guess on what he will turn into in the NFL. Which goes back to you comment about top 10.

Just how many top 10 picks has Quinn made? Only 1 that I am aware of and again it is too early to make a statement that he is or is not an Elite player.

In response to this I would say that as a Lion’s fan who has been burnt more times then not by taking a chance on a player that was injured multiple times in College, I would say that most of us are just tired of getting broken toys that never work like they use to before they were damaged.

Coleman was our slot CB last year. He will be our slot CB this year. We somehow managed to fit him in. Okudah financially would be cheap as hell. 20% of the snaps?? Uh… lol c’mon man, you are trying way too hard. No. Okudah would be our #2CB next year and play every snap where a team lines up 2 WR’s. Which is like ALWAYS. We play Nickle over 70% of the time right?? So it’s Christian Jones sitting the bench, not Coleman and most certainly not Jeff Okudah. Yes we have AO, Ford, our kick returner and ST ace. Duh, it’s called depth, something that you always want to improve because guys like get hurt. Are we down to worrying about letting Mike Ford’s talent go to waste??? Dee Virgin was about to step into that role?? Please.


The pure comedy is thinking we’ll get better QB play from Tua in year one than Stafford. When Tua get’s through his first contract, Stafford will still be playing and at a high level. Downgrading a position for 2020 is what is pure comedy when you waste the 3OA pick to get worse.


It’s comedy because NOBODY said that.

Still? Some can debate how often he has played at a high level. 2018 he was terrible. Last year he was good for half a season. Back to back broken backs and you think he will be great 4 years from now. That’s quite a limb you’re going out on.

Downgrading? Everyone thought Tua was going to be the #1 pick overall. Getting him at 3 could be a franchise changing move. I don’t consider that wasting a pick, unless the doctors and team physicians come to the conclusion that he is damaged goods that will never be what he was. That is not the case, as much as you want it to be. Your opinion means jack squat here. You want him to be hurt for life, but the doctors say he will be fine.

But by all means, watch another team get a legit franchise QB and we can watch immobile 40 year old Stafford and Okudah win 5 games per year. Because we are afraid to get the best talent and always go with the safe and dumb draft picks.