Premature Excitement


We have all been down this road…good signings bring about positive thoughts…Sip the kool-aid with me…THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!

Maybe. Probably not, but MAYBE!!!


This will be a great year.

Lets all live in the moment.


This time its for real. I know when said that last year, turns out we were wrong. But this time is different. I promise!


Hard to see at this point how the Lions are not a better team, though it’s true they still have a few needs. But they can scrounge up a little more cap space here and there and pick up a few more pieces. Be nice if the Lions could trade down in the 1st and pick up an extra 3rd; yeah, I’m getting greedy here but it has the feel of this year being our best shot in a long time.


I think we’re still a year off, but I’m very bullish on 2020.


I wont come right out and say im excited about today, but i did my 4 mile one hour cardio work out in 54 minutes!


Well, in spirit with the original post, you were premature.
Was it on an oval track or treadmill with an electronic dashboard?
Premature e-track you lations?


Ha! Good one. The wife asked me what i was laughing at… …told her i didnt want to talk about it.


after The signings I bench pressed the kitchen table a few times…and not with my arms. Guess you could say that ended a little prematurely as well


Wait until this year?:sunglasses: