Preparing for no Chase Young

We need a surefire contingency plan in place IF/WHEN Quinn does not draft Chase Young.
I wanted Young all along with pick 3. My gut is wrenching at the thought of his "smartest guy in the room " style that Quinn may well not even select Chase Young . DE is a touchy subject, because WE know that we have to get after the damn QB’s get pressure like never before and as fans we know that and yet, Quinn has yet to even get any DE through free agency.

Is that intentional because he plans on drafting Young? OR is it telling that he doesn’t see DE as a crucial need? Is Quinn attempting a weak smokescreen feigning no interest in the DE position to take CY? It’s a little squirrely. YET, we have to be prepared to take another top DE if Quinn passes on Chase.

The Lions have GOT to get a pass rush, and I don’t any FA that they signed as being the answer for that. Maybe somebody else other than Young can help, and maybe it’s too soon to expect great things from a rookie, but IMHO they’ll struggle to reach .500 without the ability to put pressure on opposing QBs.


I highly doubt Quin is planning on drafting Young! I mean he has no idea what’s gonna happen before pick 3…

The idea that Quin would pass on Young is just flat out stupid!

My preparation is finding out where Quinn/Patricia live and collecting dog shit to smear on every surface imaginable if they pass on CY

I see that you’ve really thought this scenario through

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It would have been interesting to know whether Quinn would’ve taken University of Kentucky DE-OLB Josh Allen over TJ Hockenson if Allen had not been selected by the Jags one pick before the Lions.

The answer to that question would give us insight into whether we’re going to see another WTH pick at No 3 overall—like OT Tristan Wirfs over Young (if the Skins pass or trade out).


Eric Cartman for GM!

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I don’t think so… and I want Young at 3.

But I do not think BQ/MP view DE as a need.

I can see Mia trading to 2OA and drafting Tua or Washington drafting an OT even.

Then BQ sitting at 3OA with Young on the board and he passes to take Okudah. Why?

Several reasons to be honest.

  1. MP can’t handle A type personalities and BQ hasn’t drafted any since MP got here. Why start now?

  2. MP has been practicing social distancing with his pass rush. He doesn’t seem to want to get after the QB with his DE’s. He prefers to have his DL contain and collapse a pocket but to bring the actual pass rush from his back 7.

  3. Think about what positions we targeted in FA. All DT‘a, LBers and DB’s. Not one pass rusher. In fact we shipped out Kennard who was our most consistent pass rusher. Why do you think that is? It’s because MP views DE’s differently than the rest of the world does.

I really believe that they could pass on Young.

I wouldn’t but I think they would.


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Hard to say Quinn doesn’t value pass rush by signing Flowers and Daniels. Our D-line was supposed to be our best asset BEFORE we even signed Daniels. The DE free agency class this year doesn’t scream pass rush availability either. And no, we are gonna hand out a massive contract to Clowney nor does he even want to come.

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Let’s start with Flowers.

He’s never been a pass rusher. He’s great at setting an edge, solid in run defense and he can collapse a pocket. He’s never been a pass rusher. We paid top money for a non pass rusher. So this supports what I’m saying.

Daniels is a DT not a DE. The Lions value DT’s who can collapse a pocket while still maintaining gap control. In fact they want a DT who maintains gap control first and collapses the pocket second. That is what Daniels does well. What Daniels does and what Young does are two totally different things. Not to mention totally different positions.

Why do you think we targeted two DT’s but not one DE?


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Back on topic… It’s Chase Young or POOP EVERYWHERE for me…

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