Prescott Brady trade

This make sense to me. This happen will it be like an equal trade?

The Lions should sign him to be the QB and the coach bc Stafford sucks and Patricia is too fat


Equal trade? You dont even know what they would trade Dak for. If you are referring to them trading Dak for brady, then the patriots would have to resign him to trade him. As far as the value of both, Dak is nowhere near the QB Brady is. So i am confused on how this is a equal trade.

You don’t see how it’s equal because you’re not a rec badminton/soccer player who can see the burning fire and demeanor of professional athletes who are coached by fattys!

It’s equal because it’s the Cowboys and Jerry is a god who understands marathons vs sprints.

All just more drivel from the bot that is ESPN!


I figured he was a Cowboys fan.

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Well he isn’t a Lions fan…lol!

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Lol yea i figured as much.

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Can’t believe Brady still wants to play.

Iggy is

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I think he wants to prove he can win outside of NE.

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Dak was superior to Tom in basically every statistical category last year.

Tom in his prime? Yeah, that’s a different story.

lol He has made that very clear.

For the record, the article says that the Cowboys have discussed trading Dak and signing Brady, not trading Dak for Brady.

Either way, it’s a dumb take. Dak is young and in his prime. Brady might only have 1 year left in the tank.

No shit i talked to someone about this but mine was more of a

Prescott to Las vegas(still eek saying that)
Carr to new england
Brady to Dallas

Also threw out there Diggs to KC for #32( mahommes with hill/diggs/hardman/kelce yikes)

Is it just me or did the Jones family handle the Prescott contract situation rather poorly?

The better money play is to re-up early, for sure. They know that of course. That they didn’t suggests they’re not real confident in Dak, similar to Washington with Cousins. He was good enough to move on from Romo, but is he good enough to commit to long-term?