President Donald J Trump to NFL: It should start on time

Obviously we can’t say for sure but this is an encouraging sign. I don’t see the NFL stopping. They’ll play in empty stadiums if they have to.


great. now there’s no way.


I agree.

Nobody has any way of knowing. Trump is just trying to be up beat. To be honest in this context that is a really good idea. The sunshine pumping when it’s related to public health is dangerous. But optimism about sports is harmless and we could use some optimism

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I support our President…and this still cracked me up :joy:


I’m not a fan of the President but I don’t see how he can be knocked for this statement.


Yeah, it does no harm, but seems off the wall. We all want some normalcy. Not sure if this helps or hurts or neither or just distracts. It’s just a baseless comment, with no knowledge.

Stating that we had 15 cases that would probably be zero in a few days, was careless and irresponsible. Saying the NFL should start on time 5 months ahead of time, with no real knowledge of where we will be, is pretty harmless and can be walked back between now and then if need be.

Glad this statement was made, and I think he’s right. I am not so sure about college football though, they may have more issues getting started on time. Dropping the OOC slate might get discussed, which would make for some interesting schedule adjustments, especially in the SEC.

Let’s hope. Love hearing positive stuff. Will it happen who knows.

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Apparently Easter was no longer available.


I tried not to go there, but that was kind of my thought process in my post. 10 minutes ago he wanted everything back to normal by THIS Sunday. Now he thinks football should start on time in September. Sure thing. I’m just here for the ride.

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Maybe someday everyone will comprehend the English language enough to understand the difference between:

“I would love to see” and “we will”

But I am not giving that much chance of happening

Do I have to go to the tape yet again to prove the ignorance of liberal talking points?


It really isn’t because it’s an ignorant statement with no basis of any truth

But the left laps it up anyway and it’s their current favorite talking point


I wonder if they would do anything for crowd noise? It would be weird without it…

Would be like a regular season major league baseball game LOL


I thought it was a funny comment

I’ve seen the footage many times. While you are right that he was pretty clear that it would not be Easter for sure, the President was IMO at that moment keen on opening up things rather quickly. Fortunately the he did listen to public health officials and come to his senses. I believe that opening things up that soon would’ve proven to be a grave mistake.


One of reasons I hive him a B+ not an A.

He lets his optimism out too much. But he is an optimistic person.

And he doesn’t like seeing the people out of work. I don’t know about you but I don’t like seeing my friends and neighbors forced into unemployment by the government and we all should want the country back to normal ASAP

In the end, he didn’t promise it. He didn’t state it will happen which is how it is framed

He stated he would love to see it, which I am 100% sure is true. But in the end he listened to the scientist and took their recommendations, which is all that matters. Unless you just want to slam the President whime ignoring his actions and are perfectly happy to twist the truth to do so


I don’t think anybody really cares that he didn’t promise it. I don’t think anybody took the statement seriously and that’s the problem. He said it and people just rolled their eyes as it was simply more evidence that he was out of touch with the reality of the situation.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic about the situation. And at this point, we are probably doing the best we can to play catch up. Honestly I can’t really fault Trump for how he is handling the situation at this time, and a statement like this is pretty harmless. However there were plenty of signs that he wasn’t taking this seriously a month or two ago, and that’s where statements like this can come back to haunt him. People are looking to the President for information, not optimistic statements that aren’t based on anything other than his gut. Football season is a long ways away though, good chance he is right on this one.


He took it FAR more serious than any Dem or Dem candidate. While the Dems we’re still on there 3 yr impeachment frenzy, Trump in Jan started the corona task force them a couple days later started the travel ban with China.

The Dems and their media wing then called him a racist, over reactive and fear mongering. They were still telling us to intermingle, go out have fun. DeBlasio as late as March 4th telling New Yorkers to go out and have a good time. You can thank him for making New York the epicenter, which happened all of a week or 2 later.

Trump though not perfect in his response, was far ahead of the left and heavily criticized . While being lied to by China.