Pumpkin beer 🍺

Just bought Holland Brewing Ichabod and love it, and my brother in law scoffed and claims pumpkin beer is a sin.

Is it?

Feel more like a fun seasonal thing. Where does everyone stand on pumpkin beer? Does it deserve a bad rap?

Also, just realized I posted almost the same thing last year. Clearly I have insecurities about this …

Not for me, not a pumpkin fan. Damn it’s that time again where pumpkin spice is going to be every where.

You bought the beer or the company?

I’m not a fan of gimicky beers. I’ve had Pumpkin beer and wasn’t all that impressed but I’m sure their are probably some good ones.

But I do love a good cider in the summer. I’m not talking Angry Orchard either. That is crap but the Angry Orchard the Muse is ok.

I know a lot of people who do not like ciders but when I pour them a chilled glass of a good
Cider they always change their mind.

My favorite cider is Cidre Dupount Réserve.

I think the best Ciders come from France.

FYI - JK’s is made in Flushing Michigan and is a pretty good cider. Not my favorite but not bad.


This godforsaken consumerist shitbag culture can pumpkin spice everything, and they have, but leave beer alone.

I don’t mind flavored beer. I just hate the Starbucksing of this country.

Also, get off my lawn.


LOL. Yes, I sold the site last week and with my newfound fortune bought the Ichabod line from Holland Brewing. :grin:

Also a fan of cider when it doesn’t give me heart attack-inducing heart burn.


I knew it!

I want free beer!

I’ve had a couple of pumpkin beers. The seasonal gimmick doesn’t work for me. I have regular beers that I drink more of as the weather changes, and they work fine for me.

I have to watch what I say about pumpkin spice. My wife looks forward to it every year, and I don’t want to make her choose between me and pumpkin spice. I don’t think the odds are as good for me as 11 years together would suggest. Even she agrees though that the pumpkin spice dog chews are weird.

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False equivalency.

This is like defending MattyPattty by asking if I want Marinelli back.

Full disclosure- Mah Sweetie maybe twice a year goes off the Miller Lite to have an Oberon, with her always well done ribeye or filet.

So, I’m dealing with that too…

Lions. Miller Lite. Consumerism. Well Done Ribeye.

And you want me to now be ok with Pumpkin Beer

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Do I dare mention anything about mint flavoring. Yes please, I’d like a toothpaste flavored cookie.

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Nothing wrong with that.

As for the beers, people are too snobbish. Drink what you like, who cares. You like Coors Light, drink Coors Light, like white wine spritzers, drink it. Like those god awful Russian Imperials, drink it. Anyone who judges another for their libation of choice has deep seed mommy issues and needs to suck on a teet. Cheers and Salud!

Snobbish ?..Moi?

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I used to buy pumpkin beer every year. Sam Adams and Blue Moon were my go to’s. I’m over it now. I’ve turned to strictly IPAs year round and the pumpkin beers hitting the market in August was kind of a turn off for me as well.

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Preach Brother Weasel!!!

And a quick advertisement:
IG Gabeermule

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Hmmm…IPA’s :blush::sweat_smile:

Two faves are from my daughter’s neighborhood (Birmingham, AL) that just happen to be in my fridge. Ghost Train RxR IPA & Good People Snake Handler IPA. Both are extremely hoppy, which makes me even more attracted to them.