Now that Sam Martin has signed with Broncos the Lions will need a new Punter. I hope during this transition that they have a QB handle the holding duties so that we at least have the option to fake kick and through a pass. Martin handled those duties in the past and although he did a nice job he was no threat to throw the ball. If the Lions use a draft pick on a Punter my head will explode. There has to be at least 32 Punters in this world that can handle this duty without wasting a draft pick. Lets hope the Lions are smart enough to understand this and use the draft picks to fill holes in the sorry franchise.


Remember that Prater isn’t the best at kickoffs. Finding a punter who can also kick-off is a need as well. I thought we had one or two of those types on the roster already. I’m kind of sorry to see Martin go. For the most part he was good. Never will forget his punt in the Dallas playoff game though. The one time we needed a really good punt.

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Wonder what happened to Ryan Santoso. he was in camp the last 2 years and looked ok. Jack fox appears to be the guy for now. he got a little better each year at Rice as far as punting but in his field goal opportunities, he was pretty weak. Wile has bopped around but in a full season with Minni he averaged 45 yards per kick with a net of 41 so not shabby.

If they take one with their later 5th round pick or after it is not that big of a deal. A solid punter can add value with field position so not worthless to draft one. Better option than a long snapper. Ha ha

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We will draft the #1 on our board in the 5th im guessing. We brought in the ST coach from cincy who’s a top 3 guy. We have made several FA moves bringing in guys who are VERY good st players. We’ve shown a very high priority on making this area elite. With Patricia defensive style ST is a huge factor.

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Braden Mann from a&m can do both best punter in the draft, maybe a 6th Rd pick

I’m fine with using a late round pick to get a good punter. Martin seemed to have his worst punts at the worst moments, but he also pinned teams back inside the 20 with an unreturnable kick on a regular basis. As Jersey mentioned we also need a guy who can do kickoffs.

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Braden Mann would be my pick but they have a couple now an from what i read they like Fox an he also does kick offs
This guy is on roster now

Field position is so critical so I hope they find a great punter.

I posted a name in the Sam Martin thread… Matt Bosher would be my pick, he was injured last year, but was one of the better punters in the league… He also handled kickoffs.

I think they keep Fox