Q: Last Time The Pats Drafted a Pro Bowler? A: JAMIE COLLINS

LOL. Draft late every year. Don’t spend a ton on free agency every year. Let a lot of talent sign elsewhere every year. Did I miss an ingredient in their recipe for success? It can’t be overstated how much Brady did to keep this franchise winning each year, as if QB wins were a real stat.

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We’ll find out this year, I’m a believer in BB… Brady was horribly pedestrian last year, the defense won them games.

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I think it’s a bit of both. I’m expecting both NE and TB to win 10 to 11 games and for us to not actually find out who was the one responsible for all of the magic. If there is a season of course.

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Barring a major injury, I think Brady will contend for MVP. I think the Pats take a major step back to just being a bubble playoff team. Not even sure they win the division this year.

I think Tbay will win more games then NE. I do think Brady and BB are Batman and Robin though. They need each other in some way.

Lols it lost them a few also. That defense got figured out 1/2 way through season by playoff time it was a weekness.

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Bill B is a great coach, but he doesn’t make those check downs and pin point throws. Coaches do only so much. Brady is the straw that stirs the drink. Not to mention, outside of Moss a long time ago, they really tried to give him the least amount of weapons to work with as possible.

I am intrigued to see how he does with multiple studs at WR. Sorry, but N’Keal Harry, Dorsett and the corpse of Sanu doesn’t cut it. I know they gave a run to AB and Gordon for a cup of coffee, but overall, he has had much less to work with than guys like Stafford, Dalton, Ryan, etc.

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They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs this year!

I see Buffalo winning the AFC east


Gronk was a pretty good weapon.

14 points against the Titans was a bad showing? Their defense did easily enough to win that game, it was their offense that blew it.

Plus year before the defense was pretty good. I mean did see the score. Plus Brady threw a pick vs kc but some dude was lined offsides. Not jumped, he lined off sides.

A sum greater than the parts.

For sure. I’m not saying no weapons, just not an abundance. You would think for some with all the records, rings, stats and hall of fame numbers, he would have 7 hall of famers going in with him. Not really the case.

Montana had a lot of help. Young the same. Aikman - uh yep. Brady just had a carousel of mostly just guys with an occasional stud sprinkled in throughout his 20 years. Dude probably wins 14 games if he was Clevelands QB last year.

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Point being that scheme and player fit, AKA “doing your job” has made the most of drafted personnel who haven’t seen tons of accolades. BB the coach has helped BB the GM avoid the typical scrutiny that someone like BQ gets because of the failures of MP in marrying scheme and fit.