QB Anthony Gordon—throws into some tight windows


Anthony Gordon might play at his own tempo but he produced some of the most absurd throws from last season. His dropbacks and pocket movement are little ~unsual~ but his actual throwing mechanics are top in the class. Loves to find the half spaces between zone defenders:

Video here— Seth Galina


I like this guy, I think he has a chance to make it in the NFL.

Yeah, I’d like to see them add him. I’m surprised to see his profile on NFL.com where they grade him as “having a chance to make the end of a roster or practice squad”.

I suspect he’d have more upside than Blough.

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But can he throw it in the turkey hole?

Some nice throws!

But for the love of all that is good in this world!!!..HOLD THE BALL UP HIGHER!

This is a QB 101. He has the football down near his hip and those fractions of seconds could be a deal breaker in the NFL. You’re not throwing against teenage CB’s like you are in College.