QB Herbert May Dictate Our Draft

Herbert was potentially the #1 pick last year if he came out and may easily warrant someone coming up to get him. If Washington really wants to take Young we may get to trade our pick to
a team like SD or Miami for that pick, which would still allow us to get an impact talent, a 1st in 2021 and likely a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2020. We might even be able to get the guy we covet in this draft. This would be what is possible:

TD - #5 Miami - Lions would likely still get a shot at either DT Brown, CB Okudah, LB Simmons or WR Jeudy.

TD - #6 SD - Lions would get a shot at one of those guys (even if SD signs Brady, they need a long term answer and this might be the only time they get in position to get one).

These are the possible drafts we could see with 2 1st rounders in 2021:

(After FA session of DE Jones/Ngakoue, CB Harris

  1. DT Brown
  2. RB Taylor
  3. WR Johnson
  4. CB Terrell


(After FA session of WR Green, DE Ngakoue/Jones, DT McCoy)

  1. LB Simmons
  2. DT Davis
  3. RB Dobbins
  4. LB Harrison
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If Tua goes back those teams are gonna be more desperate because after Burrow its Herbert and then a drop off which either puts us at getting young at 3 with Washington trading out with a qb needy team or us having multiple teams offer some random for herbert

I actually think a team maybe willing to trade up ahead of the NYG to grab Thomas.

True either way we in prime trade down spot or take young

This is a very good OT draft at the top so nobody is going to trade for Thomas, who may not even be the top rated OT come draft time.


Unfortunately BQ has already turned down some great trade offers. So I doubt he takes a trade down when the opportunity arrives. My guess is he falls in love with a prospect and drafts him at 3 regardless of value.

It will probably be someone no one is talking about like OLB Ken Murphy he’s a big OLB so he fits MP’s style.

Herbert moving up the boards is the best thing that could happen to the Lions.


Tua’s news conference is in a few minutes so this will interesting in relation to our draft trade partners.

Tua’s declaring.

Faster than the dang live facebook feed that keeps stuttering…