QB Kyle Allen traded to Redskins

Breaking news from ESPN. Looks like Chase Young to Redskins all but confirmed.

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I think they could go OT or even possibly trade out.

I didn’t think QB was a real possibility.


Like Air I never thought they were seriously considering QB, but if they were, adding Kyle Allen would hardly stop them from doing so.


Chase Young to the Redskins was confirmed the moment they finished 2nd worst.
I’d also say that Okudah to the Lions at 3 is pretty much confirmed and I’m ok with that unlike some other people.


I’d almost rather the Redskins take him than Quinn disappoint us by not taking him there at No. 3.


The thing about Kyle Allen is he is 24 and he has started a number of games for Rivera’s old team in 2019.

So between Kyle Allen, Haskins and Alex Smith as mentor or actually playing that is not a horrible situation. ESP. if your defense is amazing. And IF Washington adds Chase Young man, watch out as that D has some nice pieces in place right now. That DL is the real deal w/ Chase and hell, they are good now without Chase!

Agree. Rivera obviously saw something he liked in Carolina. Low cost trade. This may show he doesn’t have a lot of faith in D Haskins as well and that he knows Alex Smith is not the long term answer either.

I still think Chase is the pick with Del Rio and Rivera salivating over that DLine. You never get DE as cheap as Young will be for 5 years.

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5th Rd pick–No. 148 overall–one pick ahead of the Lions.

Kyle Allen , who started 12 games under center for the Panthers last season, has been traded to the Redskins in exchange for a fifth-round pick, according NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Or the Redskins draft Tua and didn’t want Haskins as their back up?

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You act like reading a playbook is important… He just needed to flip it over.

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i think a trade out to another qb hungry team is in play.

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certainly they could be made an offer they just can’t refuse. They could use more draft capital and a new coach would welcome that. get guys who fit his system that he can mold. they could use a LT or a CB and get a good one at #5 or #6. Adding a stud WR opposite McLaurin could help a young QB as well (with the extra 1st they might get). They are already pretty good on the Dline so it is not like DE is a major need.

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I can’t imagine having Kyle Allen on their roster would stop a team from drafting a highly rated QB prospect.

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How often do you get a chance to draft a real potential game changer at QB?
Pretty sure Haskin isn’t a game changer.

They will certainly take Young, which leaves the Lions 2 options in my mind. Trade down or draft Tua. Taking Okudah at 3 is idiotic and a terrible value. Take a swing on getting a potential elite QB for cheap for the next 4 years. With Chase Daniel as insurance, there would be no need to rush Tua into game action.

I know Quinntricia need to win now, but drafting Tua might actually buy them more time than drafting a CB who is a walking penalty flag and will most likely struggle mightily in his rookie year, if not his entire career. I personally think Okudah will be a bust.

Great point. QBs are 30M+ DE is 20M+. in the open market. Makes the QB a better value. I think Chase is a safer pick when you look at health though. Haskins is a stand in the pocket type passer which is not the “in pick” right now. Especially after watching how much pressure a mobile QB can put on a defense like Cam did for Rivera in Carolina. Has to make him think. Not sure he would want Tua running too much.

Hard to tell about Haskins since he had only 1 year at Ohio State and part of a rookie season in Washington. He did get better toward the end of the season if you go by QBR but 7 TDs to 7 picks and a completion percentage of 58% won’t get it done. Love to have them draft a QB.

They could let Haskins play until Tua is fully ready. If Haskins succeeds then one of them is great trade bait. If he doesn’t the Tua pick looks genius! Either way Rivera comes out looking good.

Also, Haskins isn’t Rivera’s guy.
The Cards didn’t think twice about dumping Josh Rosen, another guy that was drafted way too high, after 1 season when a new coach came in.
I guess it just depends on if Rivera likes Haskins or not.
For Washington, it is nice to have the choice.
And for the Lions, it is also nice to have the choice to take the guy the Skins didn’t take. I honestly believe if the Lions stay at #3 and draft anyone other than one of those two guys, it is going to be yet another Quinn/Patricia disaster. A CB at #3? He better be Patrick Petersen or Jalen Ramsey or it is a terrible pick. Not as bad as picking a TE at #8 or but still kind of a dumb pick.

I do as well. I think it may actually be more likely than Wash taking Young.

Here’s a recent thread I started about this very topic and why I feel this way.

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That was a very rare situation. I highly doubt we see that happening again anytime soon.