QB situations for next year

With Stafford possibly done for…who knows how long, what are the other teams doing

Teams that will not spend high draft capital or FA resources on a starting QB
Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Packers, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, Cards, Jets, Bills, Browns, Ravens, Colts, Texans, Jags, Chiefs, and Raiders.

Redskins-They could do the same thing that the Cards did last year. If they like Tua, Burrows, or Herbert a lot and end up with the chance to draft one of them, they very likely could. Haskins would probably be available…maybe a 2nd round pick if people believe in him?

Bears-Trubisky is holding the team back. If he doesn’t pick it up at the end of the year, the Bears could be in the market for a free agent signing. They are in win now mode so they probably are not going to draft a QB.

Bucs-I am not sure where the Bucs stand on Winston. I would think that they would be ready to move on from him. He turns the ball over way too much.

Pats- Brady still looks okay but there has to be some kind of plan to move on from him. They like Stidham though.

Dolphins- Certainly going to draft a QB in the 1st.

Steelers- Not sure where they stand with their situation. Roethlisberger isn’t getting any younger. Do they believe in Rudolph?

Bengals- they are moving on from Dalton. Certainly using a 1st round draft pick on a QB.

Titans- moving on from Mariota. Do they try to re-sign Tannehill?

Broncos- Flacco is gone. They do not seem enamored with Drew Lock. Do they go FA route?

Chargers- There is a good chance Rivers is done with the Chargers this season.

Free Agents
Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, Marcus Mariota, Ryan Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers.

I can see the Bears, Titans, Broncos, and possibly the Bucs signing FA’s.
Dolphins and Bengals are drafting a guy. Redskins and Chargers could be drafting QBs.

The Lions probably won’t have a high enough draft pick to get one of the top 3 QBs in the draft. They could spend a fortune to trade up but that doesn’t seem like Quinn’s style. Do they try to draft a mid range project and/or sign a FA if Stafford can’t go?

Thoughts on these situations?

How about another Georgia QB - Fromm.

They will wait til after next season

No thanks on Fromm. I don’t think he is a 1st round QB.

I am not as impressed with him as the other guys, but all it takes is one team who likes him to pull the trigger on him early ala Daniel Jones.

Or Trubisky…hahahahhaha

That was a strange choice by the Bears. He only started 8 games in college. He needed another year in college and then some time to get used to the NFL game. Throwing him right into the fire with hardly any experience…how could anyone really expect him to succeed under those situations. It was just a strange choice by the Bears and it didn’t put Trubisky in a very good situation.

It’s sounding like a transverse process fracture, it’s not considered long term injury. Perhaps a mid rd qb will be drafted next year.

And a FA veteran.

When I was young, I was a huge Lion’s, Tiger’s, Red Wing’s fan.
Then, the Red Wing’s fell off the radar for 20 years. Then the Tiger’s traded away the 84 championship playmakers and slipped into obscurity for…well, ever.
Once Stafford’s gone. I probably am, too.
It took the Lions 30 years to get a good QB, but, they didn’t recognize what they had and thought Scott Mitchell was better.
It took 50 years for them to learn to recognize a real QB.
I don’t have another 50 years, or even 20.
Looks like I’ll spend more Sunday afternoons fishing.


How do you figure this? This doesn’t even make any sense.

Who is the only Lion QB to win a playoff game in the modern era?
Hint; he sat on the bench most of the time as the #3 (behind Pete and Ware) in Detroit, then started for Chicago.

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Bob Gagilono

It was Erik Kramer

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IDK man, you barely made it a week on your NFL protest lol

Maybe he has a television right next to his pond.
Multi tasking.

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Nah, he’d just scare away the schools with the inevitable Lions mishaps forcing the obligatory yelling of obscenities.

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He never actually said he catches fish…just goes fishing.



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JT O’Sullivan!!!

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You’re under suspicion!