Question for anti-Trump Republicans

What is your “end-game” ??

I get that you wish you could go back in time and change the outcome of 2016, but you can’t. I get that you liked McCain & Romney, but they both lost, while Trump won.

I get that you don’t like many of Trump’s policies, personal issues, etc, but as a Republican, you have to consider:

  1. His choices for SCOTUS as opposed to Hillary’s potential choices.
  2. A Hillary win might have coaxed RBG and Breyer into retiring after this last session, resulting in a HUGE leftward swing in the court
  3. One has to believe that the winner in 2020 is going to be making at least 1, but possibly 3 selections to the court.

Is the temporary “good feeling” Republicans get in their opposition to Trump worth losing a solid conservative majority in the court for the next generation?

  1. Regulatory reform = boon to business, workers and the economy
  2. Tax reform = boon to business, workers and the economy
  3. Net exporter of energy = boon to business, workers and the economy

Those things would not have happened under Hillary. If Dems win in 2020, they will work hard to reverse those things.

  1. Trump is still popular with the vast majority of Republican voters

So back to my original question, what is the “end-game”. 2 potential outcomes in 2020 (I’m going to avoid the silly talk of Republican debates and another person winning the nomination, that just isn’t going to happen).

A. Trump wins. Anti Trumpers can start worrying about 2022 mid terms and 2024 POTUS as Pence won’t be it. Republican’s hold Senate and Trump gets 1-3 new members on the SCOTUS.

B. Trump loses. Anti Trumpers succeed in defeating Trump, yet weaken the country doing so. Dems get 2-3 new SCOTUS picks with a chance of taking over the court. Business takes a huge hit. Unemployment rate skyrockets. Republicans may be able to spin this into a 2024 take back, but there will be a significant amount of damage done to try and recover from.

So, in either scenario, the never Trumpers won’t get a candidate they can possibly support until 2024.

I voted for McCain, even though I definitely wasn’t a big fan, because I knew it was better than the alternative, Obama. Is it that hard for anti-Trump Republicans to support a Republican they really aren’t fond of for the greater good of the country ??

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If Trump’s not the nominee, I can’t imagine I’ll bother, unless they put up Ben Carson.
Otherwise, President Biden or Warren…makes no difference. I’m never voting establishment again. I’ll just sit at home and let the next generation learn the hard way. I’m gonna be broke either way.


Why do you like Ben carson?

He’s brain surgeon smart and not a professional politician.
Politicians have us at each other’s throats while they enrich themselves. I’m done with the establishment.

I’m pretty sure the last time I voted it was for Bill Clinton. I really f-ing hate politicians. It’s amazing that Trump got me interested in politics. Anyway, he deserves my vote for following through on his promises to the best of his ability.


You put a lot of time into that post, but for me personally I am a solid NO on Trump. It’s not changing.