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If Young falls to three. My thinking is we could command a bigger haul than we would a QB. Believe this scenario would play out best. More teams covet a stud DE than to training a QB.

Just spit balling here…

I still don’t think we are trading down unless Carolina or Jacksonville wants too or if LAC what Tua.

Just saying if someone jumps to two to take Tua, dropping Young to us. I feel it could be a rush of offers for him.

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If Chase falls to us at 3, I wouldn’t trade down farther than 5, and I would want 5 and 26 for our 3. I’d be willing to throw in a 5th round pick to even it out but that’s it. That way, even if Chase is gone at 5 the Lions can still get Okudah or Brown or Simmons and then get either the best CB or DL at 26, whichever they didn’t get at 5.

Which leaves them in position to get the best RB or WR at 35, or even an RG.

You take Chase Young. Period. End of story. Good day, sir!


The Leo’s have so many holes. I’d be willing to trade down as far as 10 or 12 to get more picks. Hell, even a double trade down would be in play. A cool dozen picks in a deep draft is cool beans.

But then again, I have to trust Quinticia. That’s the crux of the biscuit…


This is exactly what I am thinking as well! I agree that Chase Young is a lights out player but he is not putting us in the playoffs let alone the super bowl. We simply have too many holes to fill and not enough draft picks to do it. If I could get a trade down for multiple picks I jump on it fast. Ideal situation is either a trade with Miami for 5 and 18 (or 26). I would even consider a trade down with Las Vegas for 12 and 19 (Gruden is always looking for his next great QB and I don’t think he is happy with Carr). There are a TON of great players to be had in rounds 2-5 that you could quickly fill some gaps with some quality players.

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When your GM is Bob Quinn who reaches on nearly every pick, your hope as a Lions fan is that he takes the sure thing and just drafts Young. That’s one pick even he can’t screw up. My fear is that he somehow executes a trade down and then blows the lower picks on a project guard with shoulder issues, a TE because James blows and a WR who has drop issues.

Take the sure thing.

If you have as near to a sure thing as there ever was fall in your lap, you thankfully accept.
Especially with our Dline.

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Well, I guess we have to ask ourselves just how good Chase Young is going to be. All-pro? Pro-Bowl? Impact player/Difference maker? Not in his 1st year maybe, but soon. It’s been a long time since we had a decent pass rush, the impact of having one is felt by the entire defense and really the entire team. On some boards, he’s the top guy, so do you pass on that kind of talent, even for and extra 1st round pick?

I think he most can’t miss player in the entire draft. More than Burrow even. I think his game translates to the NFL seamlessly and he will be an instant impact in year 1.

I see people saying that the reason Bob Quinn won’t draft Tua is because he needs to win NOW and can’t wait till Tua is groomed. Well, what about Okudah??? How many CBs light it up in year 1? None. How many offensive lineman struggle in year 1? Most. Guys who can get after the QB like Young can do, can be immediate impact players. It just happens that Young also plays the position of most need on our team. Patricia’s defense last year looked like they were all healthy dudes and the opposing QB had the coronavirus. Nobody could get within 5 feet of him. Unintentional Social distancing. Lol.

Give me a guy who disrupts the pocket and knocks the shit out of people. Let Flowers prance around the other side and maybe flush the QB back to Young, the guy who knows how to get sacks. He could single handedly improve our back 7 in week 1.

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In any trade scenario they have to get a significant premium over the quote-unquote trade chart value for me to think it was a reason to not take Chase Young


I Love Chase Young …have literally watched every snap of his career at Ohio State …He is an Alpha , a leader a real difference maker …I love Okudah as well I want him badly but you cant pass on Young here for Okudah …I could rationalize it , make an argument you do just that and pass on Young but really Young is a guy at a position that truly makes his own story and not one that can only shine when thrown at or not thrown at …
Okudah has the ability to shut down ONE of the very best players on the opposing team, Young has the ability to shut down an entire offense…on any given play …you can’t pass on that.


Good take. I agree. I also think Okudah is super grabby and that Big Ten “physicality” might not translate to the NFL where they cater to QBs and WRs.

Plus, how much of Okudah’s success came from Young being in the QB’s grille in 1.5 seconds on every other play? Not terribly hard to cover a Big Ten WR for 10 yards before the opposing QB gets planted.


I have faith that whatever they decide to do will be a massive failure. This way, no more disappointment, as I have zero expectations.

I see Okudah as an elite talent …what he gets away with in College to me is the equivalent of using a flash light in a fairly well light situation …It’s available so he uses it but not because he needs to .
He is damn talented , his foot work is amazing …Love his attitude …very no nonsense type …a do your job player that Patricia will love …
Young is more vocal , out there type , smack talker but backs it up and is amazing …Young is the type should he be drafted here and Patricia can get him on board to be a vocal leader is the guy that turns the entire locker room around …Okudah will lead by example but be more the quiet type .

I wish I was smart like some of my buddies. They will sometimes hedge their bets and throw a large sum on the under for Lions wins. I can’t do that, but some years, like last year, while I’m pissed off that my team is toast before Halloween again, they are watching the team implode and cashing in the entire time.

we’re not “filling gaps” or refining the defense , our defense was an embarrassment in 2019 so we have to nab all the top-shelf players we can ! to second this, we had no real pass rush ability.
IF, IF we get lucky enough to have Young fall to us, you got to jump at that then hope for a trade down where we nab a few more picks because frankly it is Bob Quinn .

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Yeah, that has strong logic. No chance to prove he’s a super-duper genius scout and take some guy out of Calvin Seminary in round 2